What is a 50000 funfzigtausend mark worth?

Please post a new question with the bill's date. Many high-denomination notes were printed in Weimar Germany during the period of hyperinflation and the date of issue can affect their value. Despite their age and apparent high value, most of these notes were churned out in such numbers and had such low purchasing power that they're not worth more than a few dollars today.

To clear up one small item, the spelling that appears to be "taufend" is actually "tausend"; the letters "F" and "S" looked very similar in old German printing. Germany was very late in its use of old-style lettering that had been dropped long before in English-speaking countries.
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Where could a Reichsbanote Funfzigtaufend 50000 mark from November 19 1922 be sold?

You might call around to some dealers listed in the phone book or visit a local coin show. But to be honest, unless the bill is in almost pristine condition you probably woul (MORE)

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What is a November 19 1922 50000 funfzigtausend mark worth?

Despite their age and apparent high value, most of these notes were churned out in such huge numbers as Weimar Germany tried to keep up with hyperinflation (*) that they becam (MORE)

What is the value a 1922 50000 mark reichsbanknote?

sammler.com, a major German collector's site, lists a retail price of €2, or about U.S.$2.50, for a circulated specimen. Uncirculated ones might sell for about €8-10. Fol (MORE)

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