What is a Cincinnati Bowtie?

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a cincinnati bowtie is when you aggressively have sex with a person's tracy hole until they bleed. the blood splatter forms a shape of a bow tie.
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Where do you get the bowtie on Poptropica?

You can "copy" a bowtie from any character who wears one. However, there is a special spy bowtie on Spy Island that you need to obtain. It lets you grapple up to high buildin

What do you do with the grappling bowtie on spy island?

When you wear it, clicking on it (or while in the air) will shoot a line to the closest object or structure. The grappling bowtie is the only way to reach the Rooftops and

What do you do after you get the bowtie on spy island?

Go to Balding Avenue and rescue the 3rd spy from a greenhouse tower on the rooftops. (see related question) --- To Rescue the Third Spy : . Put on your grappling bowtie a

What was the Sherman bowtie?

This was part of the destruction of the transport infrastructure in Georgia. If you destroyed a railroad, and simply bent the rails out of shape, they could easily be bent ba
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Where are all the bowties in Build-a-Bearville?

The bows are located in; Go the the farm and look in the wheel barrow, Note: They are silver bows Go the the coffee shop and there is one in the middle of the floor Go to th
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How do you make a bowtie that is for a 17 neck?

To make a bowtie for a 17 inch neck start with a bowtie pattern. Gather your pattern, fabric, thread, sewing machine and needles and follow the directions laid out by the patt
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When was the Chevy Bowtie introduced?

The Chevy Bowtie was first introduced in the year 1913. The Chevy Bowtie is a huge part of the Chevrolet company's history. It was introduced by William C. Durant.