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A Flame Point Siamese is the term applied by nonbreeders to a cat that has Siamese ancestry but sports "points" or colors on ears, paws and tail of an orange/apricot color. In America these cats are referred to not as Siamese, but as Red "Oriental Short haired color points". In Britain and other parts of the world, the term "color point" is used to refer to Himalayan and Persians with orange points!

In the US and elsewhere, TICA recognizes red- and cream-points as Siamese, while CFA classifies them as Oriental Shorthairs. TICA does not use the term "flame point" for anything.
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How much is a flame point Siamese worth?

How much a Flame Point Siamese cat is worth depends on various  things including if it is pet quality or show quality. When  purchasing a cat, you can expect to pay anywhere

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What should be the average weight of a flame point Siamese?

A female Siamese cat should weight between eight and 12 pounds.  Male Siamese cats weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. These weights are  averages and your cat could weight more

How expensive is a flame point Siamese?

The price you pay for your flame point Siamese is most likely to be  from 80 dollars(pound, craigslist, although there is no guarantee  it would be a full pedigree) to 300 p

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Flame point Siamese cat for sale?

If you are looking for a flame point Siamese cat to buy, you shouldcheck pet stores or reputable breeders. The cats are known as RedPoints in the CFA.

Is the flame point Siamese cat rare?

The CFA classify the flame point Siamese cat as a ColorpointShorthair and refer to them as Red Points but do not acknowledgethem as a Siamese. Other cat registries do acknowle

How much does a flame point Siamese weight?

There really isn't a flame point siamese. It is correctly called a red point. Siamese can come in several different colors, but other cat organizations recognise different col