What is a Form of potential energy in food and dynamite?

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The energy present here is stored as chemical energy in the bonds between the atoms of these substances.
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Is chewing food a potential energy?

It is both types of energy actually (potential and kinetic). The act of chewing involves kinetic energy (moving your jaw, the energy burned processing the food, etc.). When yo

Why is food energy a kind of potential energy?

Food provides for motion and / or temperature increase, but is not itself "hot" nor is it necessarily moving. The energy it represents is stored in chemical bonds, which can b

Is food kinetic or potential energy?

The food energy that can be utilized by the eater of the food is chemical potential energy. In a food fight, when the food is propelled through the air, it temporarily acqui

When is potential energy formed?

Potential Energy can be measured in a variety of scenarios. For instance, the potential energy of an object increases with altitude, due to the gravitational force acting on t

Why is food energy a kind if potential energy?

Food stores energy in chemical forms, and as such, holds potential energy. The body metabolizes sugar from the food we eat and converts this potential energy into kinetic ener
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How is glucose a form of potential energy?

Glucose is the starting point for cellular respiration. The electrons from glucose flow through the electron transport train which runs proton pumps that phosphorylates ADP to
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Can heat be a form of potential energy?

Potential energy is the energy that an object has due to its position in a force field or that a system has due to the configuration of its parts hence cannot be a potential e