What is a Formula 1 drivers average height and Who is the tallest driver in Formula 1?

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The average height is around 5 feet 9 inches. Fernando Alonso is 5 feet, 7.3 inches tall. Lewis Hamilton is 5 feet 8.5 inches. Michael Schumacher is 5 feet 8.5 inches. His brother Ralf is 5' 10". Drivers who are over 6' are rare. David Coulthard and Jenson Button are both 6'0" tall. The tallest F1 drivers in 2007 were Mark Webber and Alexander Wurz, who are both 6'1".
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How do you become a Formula 1 driver?

Answer . Well according to Ayryon Senna karting is the perfect breeding ground for future racecar drivers.. http://www.ddavid.com/formula1/ayrton-senna.htm. So you have

What is a Formula 1 drivers average body weight?

Answer . The average Formula 1 driver weighs 68kg. or roughly 150lbs. A bonus for you; the average height of a Formula 1 driver is 1.8m or 5'10 1/2". The tallest ever F1 d

How many drivers are there in Formula 1?

Answer . In Formula 1 there are 2 drivers per team and 11 teams. Therefore at the moment there are 22 drivers, although most teams have test drivers and in the future it's

Best Formula 1 driver?

Michael Schumacher is a former Formula One driver, seven-time world champion, and current advisor and occasional test driver for Ferrari. According to the official Formula One

Who is the best formula 1 driver?

Micheal Schumacher has won the most championships (seven) so i think it is him! Alonzo, for a number of reasons. First, Vettle is not in the running until he can show he can d

Who is the youngest Formula 1 driver?

The youngest driver to start a formula 1 race was Max Verstappen inthe 2015 Australian Grand Prix at 17 years The Youngest race winner in F1 is Sebastian Vettel in the 2008It

Who is the tallest ever formula 1 driver?

Englishman Justin Wilson joined Minardi in 2003 and became the tallest driver in F1 at six foot three. Australian driver Mark Webber (team Jaguar, now Red Bull) is six foot on

What do Formula 1 drivers earn?

1: Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, US$51 million 2: Ralf Schumacher, Toyota, US$25 million. 3: Fernando Alonso, McLaren, US$22 million. 4: Jenson Button, Honda, US$18 million.

What Formula 1 drivers wear?

they wear a fire suit. incase of a fire. gloves, helmet, 6-point seatbelt, racing shoes, and finally a team suit

What is the German formula 1 driver?

A Formula 1 driver who was born in Germany is called a German Formula one driver. There have been/are many famous f1 racing drivers from Germany. Some of them are Michael Schu