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For the US Army, during the Vietnam War, a battalion was about 600 men. The US Marine Corps will be similar in organization (during the Vietnam era).
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What are details of the combat on 21-23 December 1941 near the border of Libya and Egypt involving German forces and the New Zealand 25th infantry battalion?

Early in Dec. 1941, Rommel and the Afrika Korps were in fullretreat from the 2nd Battle of Alamein and a special pursuit groupwas formed of 7th armored and the N.Z. motorized division with itsattached armor. Probably 25th Infantry battalion was part of thisdivision. they caught him at Mersa Brega. On Dec.14th a largefrontal attack was launched with a strong outflanking manoeuvre tocut off his line of retreat but Rommel had slipped away, butdoubled back to take up a position near Buerat,250miles west ofMersa Brega, Rommel was still holding the Buerat position by theend of the year for there was a months pause while a build up tookplace before the final drive.

Where can you get information on the 35th 'Santa Fe' Division first Battalion 320th Infantry Co in World War 2?

%REPLIES%. Answer . I have complete histories of both the 320th Infantry Regiment as well as the 35th Infantry Division. Please contact me with any questions that you may have.\n. \nRichard V. Horrell\nWW 2 Connections.com. Answer . I'm sorry for the delay but I appreciate any information on Company A of the 35th Division, 1st Battalion, 320th Infantry. I have the booklets that were given to my grandfather right after WWII, about the histories of the 35th Division and one on the history of the 320th Infantry. What I am looking for is something with names in it. I would love to find like a list of survivors with my grandfathers name in it. Or any kind of war documentation that has his name, Pfc. Jessie Lee McKay, in it. He was drafted out of Fayette, Alabama and made a great life for himself after going thru the horror that WWII had to give. But where are his and all the other survivors stories? Where is it written what the survivors contributions were? Where are the survivors names written to be remembered?.

Where is the first battalion eighth Marines mural located?

There is a mural on the wall of 1st Bn 8th Marines Command Post at Camp Lejeune in memory of our comrades Is it still there, I am Christopher Bellerose, the artist who painted the mural in 1998, if anyone can send me a pic of the mural I would greatly appreciate it, I have lost all pics I had of that and the regimental mural on the other side where the S-1 offices were. Semper Fi! sparesoul@yahoo.com or bellerosechris@yahoo.com

What is infantry?

Basically... the Army, as in the normal military. Mostly troops that are land-based in their operations, just plain ( mostly ) frontline fighters, like in Roman times, they'd be the main group of foot soldiers.

Did the 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines receive the combat action ribbon for Desert Storm?

Answer . I don't know if the entire battalion received the Combat Action Ribbon but I do know that H Co (redesignated L Co) did receive the CAR. Most members of the battalion also received their Combat Action Ribbon during Operation Iraqi Freedom I. They battalion has since returned to Iraq in September/October of 2007.. Answer . All but a handful (those few who remained behind at Camp 15) of Marines in 3/23 received the Combat Action Ribbon for Desert Storm. Most members of the battalion also received their Combat Action Ribbon during Operation Iraqi Freedom I. They battalion has since returned to Iraq in September/October of 2007.

What units are in an infantry battalion headquarter and headquarter company?

HHC supports the rifle companies. HHC has all of the elements needed to support the line companies (rifle companies); Mess (food), Finance (pay), Medical (Medics), Heavy Support (Mortars), Maintenance (Mechanics), etc.

Where did the ninth Armored Infantry Battalion serve in World War 2?

Answer. The 9th Armored Infantry Battalion was part of the 6th Armored Division. It received credit for the following campaigns: Normandy Central Europe Ardennes-Alsace Northern France Rhineland . If you search for the history of the 6th Armored Division, then you will find details on the 9th Armored Infantry Battalion.

What is known about the 89th infantry training battalion stationed at Camps Cooke or Roberts CA in 1941 or 1942?

Contact Cp. Roberts, CA; they have a museum on post. Camp Cook hasn't existed for decades, it's all homes/business's now. Website/Library research will help alittle bit; Cp. Cook was a very small temporary camp.

What is a battalion?

A battalion is a unit of military organization. It has no fixeduniversal definition as to the size or composition of it. However,it falls in the organizational hierarchy between a company and aregiment/brigade. That is, it is larger than a company (and, isusually composed of at least two companies, plus other elements),but smaller than a regiment or brigade (which may consist ofseveral battalions). In general, the company or equivalent unit is the smallest"managed" combat element of an army - that is, the company is thesmallest organization which has a dedicated command section thatdoes not immediately engage in combat. (Platoons and smaller unitshave command sections, but command is in many ways secondary tothese units' combat requirements). In a company, the commandsection may incidentally engage in combat (as they are in closeproximity to the front), but their main function is command andcontrol. In most militaries, companies are commanded by a captainor equivalent rank. Battalions are made up of several companies, and generally are thefirst unit to have significant heterogeneous makeup (that is, theyhave several different units which have significantly differentequipment and missions). For example, a typical infantry battalionwill have several infantry companies (made up of soldiers equippedwith light firearms), but it will likely also have several subunitsfor logistical supply (such as a truck section) and perhaps heavyfire support (a section of mortars or light artillery). Battalionsare the first place where the concept of "combined arms" starts toshow up. Battalions tend to be commanded by a major, or morerarely, a lieutenant colonel.

What constellation is represented by the stars on the insignia of the 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion?

The stars were placed on the Division's WWII patch and reprepresent the Constellation known as the Southern Cross or Crux Australis.

What unit awards are authorized to wear in fourth brigade first ID second battalion 16th infantry regment?

Q: Are you referring to WW2 or Modern army? There was no "4th brigade" in WW2. The unit you ask about appears to be 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division. I believe the current 1st Infantry Division is divided into brigades. The 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry has the following US unit awards: Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for MATEUR, TUNISIA, Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for SICILY, Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for NORMANDY, Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for HURTGEN FOREST,Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for HAMICH, GERMANY, Valorous Unit Award IRAQ-KUWAIT (Desert Storm 1991), Company C additionally entitled to: Valorous Unit Award for COURTENAY PLANTATION A soldier currently serving in 2-16 Infantry would wear a Presidential Unit Citation with 4 oak leaf clusters and the Valorous Unit Award, additionally soldiers assigned to Charlie Company would wear one oak leaf cluster on the Valorous Unit Award. Soldiers that were assigned to the unit during the timeframe during which an award was earned may wear that award after leaving the unit.

What was activity of 1st battalion 395th infantry 1942-1946?

The 395th Infantry gained notoriety for their tenacity during theBattle of the Bulge. They also participated in attacks on Bergheim,Kuckhof, the Ruhr Pocket, Hammelburg, and Bad Bruckenau.

What is the Marine Corps hierarchy ie division regiment battalion etc?

Highest to lowest: Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), Division (3 regiments), Regiment (3 battalions), Battalion (3 rifle companies, 1 weapons company, 1 headquarters and support company), Company (3 rifle platoons, 1 weapons platoon, 1 H&S platoon), Platoon (3 squads), Squad (3 fire teams), Fire team (team leader, SAW gunner, grenadier, and a rifleman).

How many men in a US Infantry battalion?

The Army has changed drastically for the 21st century. During the 20th century's Vietnam War, a "Leg Outfit", just boot leather (No M-113 APC/ACAV-Armored Personnel Carriers/Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicles); was approximately 600 men.

What are the infantry?

Infantry are foot-soldiers who carry a weapon by hand, opposed to cavalry, who rode on horses, or armor, which is divisions of tanks and artillery.

How much money does a marine infantry soldier make per year?

All Marines are paid the same. It depends on the pay grade (rank). During deployment if you are in a combat MOS (infantry) you will get hazardous duty pay, and other mission specific allowances.

Marine infantry life expectancy?

Depends on the war. Usually marines are more survivable than any other service because of their training. They train the hardest and therefore are the best.

What does the infantry do?

The Infantry, through the use of fire and maneuver, close with and kill the enemy to achieve an objective.

Are the marines light infantry?

I would say no. The term light infantry implies mobility overland. Marine units of some countries may be designated as light infantry, but most marines today are primarily for the establishment of a beachhead. They move a short distance from ship to shore, not strictly infantry, and they are rather heavy.

What reasons does menzies give for committing an infantry battalion for service in Vietnam?

The Australians deployed Infantry, Artillery, some aviation assets, and a full squadron of Centurion battle tanks to Vietnam.

What is the mascot of the U.S. Army's Delta company 4th battalion 2nd Infantry Training Brigade?

The only reference I can find to Delta-4/2 Training Brigade is a couple of vague references to a Vietnam era training unit at Ft. Gordon, GA. No mention is made of the unit mascot. However, if tradition holds true, they were likely the Delta Dogs.

What are the chances of getting the officer infantry mos in the Marines?

About 1 out of 3 if it is among your three choices and about 1 out of 5 if it is not an MOS choice.

Are the U.S. Marines in The Hunt for Eagle One MARSOC marines or regular infantry marines?

Based on the fact that the movie came out in January 2006 andMARSOC wasn't officially stood up late February 2006, it was mostlikely meant to be Force Recon Marines that are portrayed in themovie.

Can you get kicked out of the Marines Corps with Battalion Non Judicial Punishment?

No. This is for the US Marine Corps. Punishments at a Battalion Level NJP are limited to the below, but they can be used against you by your command in the Administrative Separation process afterwords or later on if you continue to get in trouble to show a pattern of misconduct. BN Level NJP Punishments: Forfeiture of 1/2 pay for up to 2 months. EPD and Restriction for up to 45 days or 60 days Restriction. Loss of one rank (Sergeant/E-5 below). There is also an Correctional Custody Unit option for LCpl and below, but this option is not available at Camp Pendleton as Commanding Officers did not use it enough the last few years to keep the unit active. Might still be open at other bases. A piece of advice for anyone facing any type of NJP, never waive your Article 31 rights. Do not make a statement or talk to ANYONE in your chain of command with out talking to a lawyer first. They must provide you the time and opportunity to talk to a lawyer, even if it is 5 days later after they charge you. They are doing their job by NJP'ing you for your perceived crime, not helping you out. Say nothing, do not be intimidated by a SNCO, SgtMaj, etc, just talk to a lawyer, then do your thing. It can help you, hurt their case, and can do you no harm. It's your right given by the UCMJ they are NJP'ing you with.

How long is marine corps infantry school?

The length of United States Marine Corps School of Infantry depends on the specific Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) that a Marine is training for. As there are many different MOS's, there are many different lengths.

Vietnam second Battalion 11th Marines?

The Regiment began deployment to Vietnam on 16 August 1965 and the 2nd Battalion arrived in Country on 27 May 1966. The Regiment was back in California by May of 1971.

How many marines are in a marine infantry regiment?

Typically there are three Battalions in a Regiment. A Marine Corps Grunt Battalion has on average around 750 Marines (may vary if the U.S. is in a time of war or not). So a Regiment would average around 2300 Marines.

In the marines do you get to pick your gun for infantry and snipers and spotters i am not in the marines yet but i will?

Today's US military is NOT the same as the military during the Vietnam War, WWII, etc. Today's military has a "Law Enforcement" capability...whereas during the aforementioned wars, law enforcement, with the exception of martial law, etc., was NOT authorized; especially when it involved US citizens on US soil. Therefore, infantry and sniper/spotters, weapons, etc. SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) will more than likely be DIFFERENT than the Vietnam, WWII times. During WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Wars, US servicemen were sometimes able to CHOOSE their MOS (Military Occupational Specialty=job)...but NOT their equipment. Servicemen utilized the equipment that they were issued; be it a M48 Patton tank or a .45 pistol. US Army snipers in Vietnam were issued an XM-21 weapons system (US Army sniper rifle)...they used it. If they didn't like it, they had to make the best of it. If the Army sniper found a better sniper rifle while operating in the field, he got away with using it, until he re-entered the "rear" area...then he either had to hide it or surrender it, or otherwise get away with keeping it until he could reach the "field" again. Once back in the field, officers/commanders, etc. didn't much care what happened out there (in the field) as long as the mission was accomplished. Which is ONE reason, a lot of men preferred the field more than the rear areas (in all or most wars), a GI had more freedom in the field.

What is the US Army equivalent of a Marine infantry assaultman?

11B - infantry. Prior to the reorganization which occurred towards the end of 2001/beginning of 2002, the 11 series Career Management Field consisted of the following infantry MOSs - 11A (Infantry Officer - commissioned officer only), 11B (light infantryman - enlisted), 11C (mortar crewman - enlisted), 11H (anti-armor crewman - enlisted), 11M (mechanized infantryman - enlisted), and 11X (basic trainee/not MOS qualified - enlisted). After the reorganization, the MOS of 11H and 11M were folded into 11B. 11A remains Infantry Officer, and 11C remained in place for mortar team members.

What percentage of the Marine Corps is Infantry?

I was in the Marine Corps infantry for four years. I was always told that it takes 12 Marines to support 1 grunt (infantryman). If that is true then about 7.7% of the Marine Corps is infantry. That does sounds about right. At Camp Pendleton, the grunt units were at Horno (1st Marines), San Mateo (5th Marines) and some at Las Flores (LAR - Light Armored Reconnaissance)- not very big areas on the base. But the POG (personnel other-than grunt) units were all over Mainside, Del Mar, Las Pulgas, Margarita, etc. Huge areas of the base with a lot of Marines. Think about all the other units there are; artillery, tanks, helos, air wing, mechanics, motor-t, comm, admin, supply, intel, refuelers, cooks, MPs, armorers, ammo techs, etc. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into making sure that grunt on the ground can get his job done. But don't for a second think that every Marine is a rifleman. That pisses me off. There is a lot that you have to know to be a grunt - weapons systems, comm equipment, patrolling, raids, IA drills (immediate action), MOUT, call for fire, enemy weapons and equipment, etc. POGs might have a brief exposure to these things in boot camp and MTC but they're not professionals at them like grunts are. Calling every Marine a rifleman is the same as calling someone who has a first-aid certification a paramedic.

Can marines use there phone in School Of Infantry?

That depends on whether or not if your NCO's will allow you to or not. I know during the weekends your off, but during? Chances are from zip to none.

Can a World War 2 70mm infantry battalion gun destroy a M1 Abrams?

No. In the later years of the war, even the 75mm tank guns were proving insufficient against tanks such as the Tiger and King Tiger, which are well beyond obsolete by today's standards. There is a chance such a weapon might score what's called a 'mobility kill' by taking out a track, but it won't destroy an M1 Abrams.

What infantry folks get the most action marines or rangers or regular army or what?

For the past ten years, it's pretty much been all of them. I spent more time outside the wire as a combat medic than most of our infantry did, since there was a much lower number of medics than there were infantry, and I'd often have to go on multiple patrols in a single day, whereas the infantry would usually do their one patrol for the day (or a couple days), and then get to stay at the FOB until they're tasked for another patrol.

What is the difference between Battalion and Infantry?

Infantry means foot soldiers, as distinct from tankers, artillerymen, engineers, and other specialists. The foot soldiers are the ones who actually have to looking for the enemy with a gun in their hands and do the army's business of defeating the enemy. A battalion is an organizational unit, usually with about 800 or so men. There are battalions of many types, to perform many functions, including infantry battalions. A rifleman is the basic infantryman, armed the army's standard weapon. He is a member of a squad. His squad is one of several in a platoon. His platoon with three or four others are a company. Three or four companies make a battalion. Three battalions make a regiment, and three regiments make a division. Two or more divisions make a corps, and two or more corps make a field army.

How did the 100th Infantry Battalion earn the nickname the Purple Heart Battalion?

The 100th Infantry Battalion earned the nickname "the Purple Heart Battalion" for the number of Purple Hearts (the military decoration awarded in the name of the President for those wounded or killed) received for their sacrifices at Cassino. .

Where in France did the 28th Infantry Division 112th Regiment 1st Battalion have a battle on August 11 1944?

The 110th and 112th Regiments were almost definitely in the Mortain/Sourdeval region on August 12th. The Battle of Mortain lasted 7th-12th August, So it's likely to assume they were in the Region on the 11th August aswe Soldiers of the 28th ID liberated Sourdeval on the 13th August.

What unit awards were awarded to 1 Battalion 502 infantry Brigade during operation Iraqi freedom?

Look at the outfit's (regimental) website; those normally list all of the "streamers" (campaign ribbons) earned by that particular unit. "If" the 1st of the 0 deuce was there, then it more than likely has earned at least one "campaign steamer" for "Iraqi Freedom." It did serve in the Viet War however, and was stationed in I Corps (Camp Eagle, Camp Evans, Phu Bai AOs (Areas of Operations)

What is the best weapon for space marine infantry?

The best weapon is the weapon that matches your the set up of the rest of your army. A good combination of weapons is always best. Try some combinations, find your play style.

How many marines are in an infantry battalion?

It depends. There are 4 people in a team, 13 in a squad, about 42in a platoon, 3 rifle platoons plus 1 weapons platoon plus HQ andsupport makes about 160-180 in a company. 3 rifle companies plus 1weapons co. plus 1 HQ Co. make a battalion so 750-900 in abattalion. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

What is the mission of a US Marine Corps Infantry Squad?

Plain and simple. The mission of the rifle squad is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver, or repel the enemy's assault by fire and close combat.. how? . The rifle squad consists of three fire teams, each of which is built around. an automatic weapon and controlled by a fire team leader..

Should you join the us army airborne or be regular marine infantry?

Whichever one feels right to you. I was in the 82nd, and wouldn't change that if I had the opportunity to go back and change that decision. I'm sure a lot of Marines feel the same way.

What is the marine corps boot camp first battalion reputation?

1st Battalion makes men, 2nd Battalion makes Marines, and 3rd Battalion makes machines. Our old saying back in boot camp. Honestly though I would say drill. 1st has always had the best drill in my opinion and experience.

Should you join the us army or us marine corps for infantry?

That's a decision for you to make. It all depends on what you want out of it, perhaps where you want to be stationed, etc.

How much money will you make being an infantry marine?

It depends on your rank, time in service, if your married and or have dependants

Are the second battalion the highland light infantry part of the raiding support regiment in Yugoslavia in World War 2?

No they weren't part of the RSR, but they did take part in the Brac raid in early June 1944 as did the RSR. On this job the RSR gave direct support to the Partisans, whereas the HLI had to attack a piece of very high ground which if I remember correctly was being used for reconnaissance by the Germans and so was a threat to the raiding force. A job that the HLI were well qualified to carry out. Both units were part of Land Forces Adriatic for op's in this theatre and LFA received much of it's tasking from the SOE.

What are the release dates for 2nd Service Battalion Canadian Infantry Embarking for So- Africa - 1899?

2nd Service Battalion Canadian Infantry Embarking for So- Africa - 1899 was released on: USA: November 1899

What are the release dates for 2nd Special Service Battalion Canadian Infantry Parade - 1899?

2nd Special Service Battalion Canadian Infantry Parade - 1899 was released on: USA: November 1899

Can I take college classes online while in the marine corps infantry?

As long as it doesn't interfere with your job and your securityclearance, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to takeonline college classes while in the Marine Corps Infantry.

What do you have to do to be able to take online college courses while in the marine corps infantry?

Yes you can, maybe. During your free time you are free to do as you wish and while in the Marines, you will have a lot of free time, this includes the infantry MOS's also. What makes getting your college education difficult is that you don't always work set hours and extra duties can come up at any time.

How much free time do you have when you are in the Marine Corps infantry?

As a Marine, regardless of what you do, you typically get four daysoff for major holidays. The actual amount of free time varies fromunit to unit.