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What is a Marine Infantry Battalion?

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For the US Army, during the Vietnam War, a battalion was about 600 men. The US Marine Corps will be similar in organization (during the Vietnam era).
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How many men in a US Infantry battalion?

  The Army has changed drastically for the 21st century. During the 20th century's Vietnam War, a "Leg Outfit", just boot leather (No M-113 APC/ACAV-Armored Personnel Carr

Marine infantry life expectancy?

Depends on the war. Usually marines are more survivable than any other service because of their training. They train the hardest and therefore are the best.

Are the marines light infantry?

I would say no. The term light infantry implies mobility overland. Marine units of some countries may be designated as light infantry, but most marines today are primarily for

How many marines are in a marine infantry regiment?

Typically there are three Battalions in a Regiment. A Marine Corps Grunt Battalion has on average around 750 Marines (may vary if the U.S. is in a time of war or not). So a Re

What is the difference between Battalion and Infantry?

Infantry means foot soldiers, as distinct from tankers, artillerymen, engineers, and other specialists. The foot soldiers are the ones who actually have to looking for the ene

How many marines are in an infantry battalion?

It depends. There are 4 people in a team, 13 in a squad, about 42  in a platoon, 3 rifle platoons plus 1 weapons platoon plus HQ and  support makes about 160-180 in a compan