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What is a Marine Infantry Battalion?

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For the US Army, during the Vietnam War, a battalion was about 600 men. The US Marine Corps will be similar in organization (during the Vietnam era).
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What is the difference between Battalion and Infantry?

Infantry means foot soldiers, as distinct from tankers, artillerymen, engineers, and other specialists. The foot soldiers are the ones who actually have to looking for the ene

Can you get kicked out of the Marines Corps with Battalion Non Judicial Punishment?

No. This is for the US Marine Corps. Punishments at a Battalion Level NJP are limited to the below, but they can be used against you by your command in the Administrative Se

How many marines are in a marine infantry regiment?

Typically there are three Battalions in a Regiment. A Marine Corps Grunt Battalion has on average around 750 Marines (may vary if the U.S. is in a time of war or not). So a Re

Where did the ninth Armored Infantry Battalion serve in World War 2?

  Answer   The 9th Armored Infantry Battalion was part of the 6th Armored Division. It received credit for the following campaigns: Normandy Central Europe Ardenne

Vietnam second Battalion 11th Marines?

The Regiment began deployment to Vietnam on 16 August 1965 and the 2nd Battalion arrived in Country on 27 May 1966. The Regiment was back in California by May of 1971.

What percentage of the Marine Corps is Infantry?

I was in the Marine Corps infantry for four years. I was always told that it takes 12 Marines to support 1 grunt (infantryman). If that is true then about 7.7% of the Marine C

What is infantry?

Basically... the Army, as in the normal military. Mostly troops that are land-based in their operations, just plain (mostly) frontline fighters, like in Roman times, they'd be

What is the marine corps boot camp first battalion reputation?

1st Battalion makes men, 2nd Battalion makes Marines, and 3rd Battalion makes machines. Our old saying back in boot camp. Honestly though I would say drill. 1st has always had

Where can you get information on the 35th 'Santa Fe' Division first Battalion 320th Infantry Co in World War 2?

%REPLIES%    Answer   I have complete histories of both the 320th Infantry Regiment as well as the 35th Infantry Division. Please contact me with any questions that

What is a battalion?

A battalion is a unit of military organization. It has no fixed  universal definition as to the size or composition of it. However,  it falls in the organizational hierarchy

Are the marines light infantry?

I would say no. The term light infantry implies mobility overland. Marine units of some countries may be designated as light infantry, but most marines today are primarily for