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What is a Mossberg 20 Ga Pump shotgun worth?

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Depending on condition and age; 75-175 USD.
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How much is a maverick by mossberg model 88 12 ga. shotgun worth?

  About $200-$275 new depending on how it's set up. Used for around $75-$150. It's almost identical to the Mossberg 500 except for the trigger group/safety. It's a good ba

What is the value of a JC Higgins 12 Ga pump model 20 polychoke shotgun?

I just bought one for $125, it's in great shape. They guy I bought it from said he checked in a trader and they range from $100-$150 or so. I've seen as high as $200. I own a

Mossberg shotgun model 385 t 20 ga how old?

I have one that I received when I was a boy, early teens, and I am 47 yrs old now, so mine is about 34 yrs old. We still use it!