What is a Mossberg 20 Ga Pump shotgun worth?

Depending on condition and age; 75-175 USD.
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What is the value of a JC Higgins 12 Ga pump model 20 polychoke shotgun?

I just bought one for $125, it's in great shape. They guy I bought it from said he checked in a trader and they range from $100-$150 or so. I've seen as high as $200. I own a (MORE)
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What is a 20 ga Zabala Hermanos Double Barrel Shotgun worth?

It depends on when it was made. The Spanish company has made shotguns since 1932. In the mid 60's and early 70's the 20 GA box lock gun sold new for $1200. Current value for a (MORE)

Who made the mossberg 1000 shotgun and whats it worth?

  "Howa" a Japanese company made it and the Smith & Wesson 1000, S&W dropped the line and Mossberg picked it up for two years.   I have seen them for anywhere f (MORE)

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