What is a Native American word meaning daughter?

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In many native American languages, kinship terms (those used for family relationships) must always have an element expressing "my . . ." or "his . . . " or "your . . .".

For example, in the Natick language (a member of the Algonquian language family) used by the Massachusetts, Narragansett and Wampanoag tribes you would have to say wuttaunoh (his daughter) nuttaunes (my daughter) or kuttaunoh (your daughter).

In Blackfoot (another Algonquian language), my daughter is ni-tun'.

In Arapaho (yet another Algonquian language) my daughter is notóóne.
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What is the native American meaning of Waleska?

I'm unaware of a Native American word of even close to this one.The little research I've done seems to indicate that "Waleska" is aGerman / Polish word or name meaning "Strong." I've left this in the Native American category in case someone elsemay know of a word that is close to it.

What is the meaning of The Native American Dragonfly?

The power of Dragonfly lies in its ability to see around things by looking from different angles. Using its ability to transform colors and lights by reflecting and refracting them, Dragonfly shows us that life, like light, can bend, shift, and adapt in various ways, making life's appearance never b (MORE)

What does 'how' mean in Native American?

To natives the word means "Pret-Indian" or someone who is pretending to be a Native; at least at some level. Some sites note that the usage of the word "How" comes from a Lakota word "Hau" and popularized on TV for many years. It should be noted that the Lakota were not met till well after expansion (MORE)

What is the Native American meaning of a turtle?

The turtle features in stories of the creation of the earth of numerous tribes.. In some, other animals brought up mud from ocean floor and put it on the turtles back thereby making a firmament for a divine woman who fell through a hole in the sky to live on.. the earth continues to rest on the tu (MORE)

What is a Native American word meaning grace?

There are many different Native American languages. Some possible words: Lakota/Sioux: wóyawašte = blessing Cherokee (Aniyawiya): adadolisdi = grace, mercy,recognize, sympathize Inuit: saimarnert = consolation, grace Ojibwe: zhawenjigewin+an = grace Yupik: atawwauguq = it is a bless (MORE)

What does the word jaguar mean in Native American?

The word jaguar comes into English by way of Portuguese, from the Tupi word jaguara meaning any large carnivore. The compound form jaguarete means "true large carnivore". The Guarani word yaguarete has the same meaning. Early reports that it has anything to do with "animal that kills with a (MORE)

What does Lulu mean in Native American?

There is no "Native American " language. There were several languages spoken across the continent which were mutually uninteligable between the langauage groups.

What does Peru mean in Native American?

The native origin of the name of Peru is uncertain. It may derive from the local word for a river ( biru ), or from a place-name ( pelu ), or from the name of a native chieftain ( Beru ). It is certain that it comes from a local native American language, corrupted slightly in the mouths of early (MORE)

What is the Native American meaning of Chi?

There are hundreds of Native American languages. In Navajo, chidi means car, truck, or vehicle. In Taino, chi' means mouth and 'ka chi means previously. In Abenaki-Penoscot, kchi means big or great and chiz means cheese. In Choctaw, chito means large or big and okchi means juice.

What does the word Delaware mean in Native American?

Nothing, because it is the name of river named after the English Lord de la Warr, a governor of the Jamestown colony. The English gave the name Delaware to the tribe after this river. The Delaware tribe call themselves Lenni Lenape, meaning something like true people or first men. Most of the (MORE)

What does the native Americans name mean?

It means that they are the original people of America, just as there is a native French or Norwegian people. They evolved in America, & they can't trace their roots to any other place.

What is a Native American word meaning face?

There are many, unrelated Native American languages, each with adifferent word for face . Some examples: Creek/Seminole: torofv Koasati: ibitaala Lakota/Sioux: ité - means "face", wičhíte - means "human face"

What does the word Miami mean to Native Americans?

The native American tribe called the Miami originally lived in Ohio and neighbouring parts of Indiana and Michigan. They called themselves myaamiaki ("the downstream people"). Today they are mostly in Oklahoma, with a smaller group in Indiana. Miami in Florida is named for a completely differen (MORE)

What does native American word aho mean?

Aho' or ahu is originally a word in the Crow language [pronounced ah-hoo'], meaning "many" or "much" and by association, "thanks". In the 19th century it was often translated "plenty" by White Americans, as in the name of Chief "Plenty Coups" - a better translation is "Many War Achievements". (MORE)

What word means a gathering of waters taken from the Native Americans?

This is an excellent example of false information distributed on the Internet. Many websites have claimed, incorrectly, that the name Mississippi means gathering of waters or father of waters - it means neither of those. The original words simply mean big water. The idea that Wisconsin means "gath (MORE)

What does the word pumpkin mean in native American language?

There are many thousands of native languages spoken in North, Central and south America - "native American" is not restricted to the USA. Just a few examples of native names for pumpkin or squash are: Natick (Wampanoag, Narragansett and others)...........askutasquash Shawnee............. (MORE)

What does native American armbands mean?

Modern native men's dance costumes often feature arm bands with bells, ribbons, strips of fur, feathers and beadwork. These are simply part of the "tradition" in dance costumes that has grown up since the early 20th century. Historically, arm bands were far less frequently worn and were generally (MORE)

What does the native American word neechie mean?

It is difficult to know which word and which language you mean - there is an Ojibwe word niijii meaning a male friend, as in the common expression boozhoo niijii (hello my fried). This can sound something like your neechie, but the middle consonant is definitely j.

What does Techihhila mean in native American?

Techihhila means "i love you" in the Dakota language. The Dakota dialect does not use this word because they don't useany "L's" in their language. Tecihila actually means "to holdsomething dear" and is in the Lakota language.

What does the native American word zaagido mean?

"Native American word" is a very vague description - if you mean "what does the Ojibwe word zaagido mean?", it is perhaps meant to be the stem form zaagitoo- . This stem means xxxxx likes it, or xxxxx loves it - there needs to be a suffix attached to the stem to confirm if it is "I like it" or (MORE)

What does Sabrina mean in Native American?

First, there is no single Native American language. Second, European names such as this do NOT translate directly into any Native American language (much less mean something - I'm sorry if that disappoints you). Third, Sabrina is a Gaelic name (Welch) that is the specific name of a river there (MORE)

What native American word means Ontario?

Ontario is an iroquoian Indian word. It came from A Mohawk name meaning beautiful lake. Mohawks were not tha only native people to live in this region though.

What does Michelle mean in native American?

There are more than 700 different Native American languages spokenin North and South America. If you are not sure which language you are talking about, here is apartial list of the most common Native American languages in NorthAmerica: Abnaki, Eastern Achumawi Afro-Seminole Creole Ahtena A (MORE)

What native American name or word means''where the waters narrow?

In North America alone there are many hundreds of native languages and each of them might include a term with the meaning you state. For example, the Cree place name Chibougamau means "where the waters are confined, hemmed in or narrow" . The Cree term opa (a narrow place) or opaskweow (MORE)

What is a Native American word meaning dawn?

Just a few native American words for "dawn" or "early morning" from throughout the Americas are: Natick (Wampanoag)........mohtompog or ketompog Cree.................................wapun Ojibwe..............................waaban Powhatan........................papasowh Algonquin.... (MORE)

What is the native American meaning for Tuckesgee?

You mean Tuskegee , the name of a town near Montgomery, Alabama. It is claimed that the word is "from an Indian language and means warrior", without specifying which particular language. It is also claimed that Tuskegee had earlier been a town of the Creek tribe and that it was also the name of t (MORE)

What does mato mean in native American?

In most of the native languages of the Americas it has no meaning at all. In some of the various Siouan languages (including Mandan) it signifies "bear".

What does it mean to Americanize a Native American?

Americanizing a Native American is by definintion a contradictory statement. Being the original inhabitants of the North American Continent i.e the original Americans, they cannot become Americanized through some process. What that statement may really be saying is "what does it mean to Europeanize (MORE)