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A PhD is a doctor of philosophy which is the study of the truths of a particular field of knowledge or action. In order to study at that level, you must first have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree.

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What are the requirements for a PhD?

To enter a PhD program you need to have completed a BA/BS in a degree program. Generally, you also need to have completed a MA/MS as well . Some programs will allow you to beg

Can you get a PhD in dance?

Yes, there are multiple Universities in the US where one may earn a PhD in Fine Art of Dance. The Esther Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University is one for insta

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What does PhD stand for?

PhD is an abbreviation for "Doctor of Philosophy"  (Philosophiae Doctor).    The reason for the name is historical. Most universities used to  have only four majors:

What is phd?

A Phd is a doctor of philosophy degree. This type of degree  requires four years of traditional college and then another four  years of study at graduate school. This is the

What does it mean to have a phd?

PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. It's a postgraduate degree awarded by universities. Most people take 4 years to graduate High School. When you graduate, you get a High Sc

What is a PhD LPC?

PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy, the non-medical doctoral degree. We would have to know what field is involved to tell you what LPC stands for. Given the category, it coul

Can we do PhD after MCA?

  Dear Friends,   MCA is a PG course and after it we can go for PhD and there are N number of good institute in India that offers PhD after MCA.

What is integrated PhD?

The Integrated PhD is a 4 year PhD programme which involves students taking postgraduate level courses and a dissertation during their first year before progressing onto stand

What is the Meaning of PHD?

Answer . Doctor of Philosophy , abbreviated PhD for the Latin Philosophiæ Doctor , meaning "teacher of philosophy".

Are you a doctor if you have a PhD?

Yes, the PhD is a doctorate (doctor of philosophy), however it is a research degree intended to prepare those who pursue it for a life of research and/or teaching. Those who h

PhD in English?

A PhD in any field can qualify the holder to teach subjects related to that field at the university level (ie, be a professor) - for this question, that could be anything rela

Is a MD a PhD?

No, an MD is a medical doctor (physician). A PhD is doctorate degree but is a doctor of philosophy under which many specific programs of study fall. Note: In High Finance and

Can a doctor get a PHD?

I assume you are asking whether a doctor of medicine (MD) can obtain a Ph.D. Yes, an MD can obtain a PhD. In fact there are medical school programs where a student can obtain

What is a PhD thesis?

http://dissertation-consultant.com/dcDefault.aspx A Thesis is: A thesis is the acquisition and dissemination of new knowledge. In order to demonstrate this the author mus