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What is a Pluralistic society?

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What is a Pluralistic society?
This is any society in which citizens can legally and publicly hold multiple competing ethical views and are allowed to choose for themselves what ethical beliefs if any they wish to hold. It is often mistaken for a society which tolerates different ethical beliefs or groups of people and holds that all are equal, which is correctly identified as moral relativism, a logically invalid position held by mush of the world today.
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How do the terms pluralistics and consensus both apply to American society?

Pluralistic only applies in theory. In reality, those with money have access and influence; those without money have to take what comes their way. Consensus is manufactured by

How is America a pluralistic society?

America is a pluralistic society due to the magnitude of its  diversity. America at is core is a nation of immigrants forging  ethnically, religiously, and culturally hetero

What is opposite of pluralistic society?

Although only in theory, the opposite of a pluralistic society is a monistic society.
Does the US reflect the definition of a culturally pluralistic society?

Does the US reflect the definition of a culturally pluralistic society?

I assume you mean "culturally pluralistic society" in the sense that: This is a form of society which is made up of people from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgr

What is the advantage of a pluralistic society?

Advantages of a pluralistic society include fostering acceptance,  understanding, and preserving traditions. Preserving cultures and  finding common beliefs are other advant

What is a pluralist society?

a pralist society reffers to people with different views (religious, cultural, etc.) merged together.
Is Canada a pluralistic society?

Is Canada a pluralistic society?

YES! Canada is! The reason is this: 1. Many people have different cultures and beliefs. 2. We have the right to keep our RELIGION 3. People come from many different coun

What are learning goals in a pluralistic society?

Learning goals in a pluralistic society are the educational aims established by a well-defined, multi-cultural group of stakeholders that take into consideration the diversity

Why is Canada considered a pluralist society?

it is considered a pluralist society because after the war of 1793,  the us and canada joined together in a call of duty and they  defeated the russian reznof and all was go
What does pluralistic society mean?

What does pluralistic society mean?

A pluralistic society is characterized by variations in ethnicity, religion, cultural heritage, socio-economic status, i.e. a "melting pot" as has been said of the US. By cont
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Is the U.S. a pluralistic society?

The U.S democracy is neither plural nor majority governed. It is a combination of both. This may be hard to prove if this is for an essay. Pluralism beliefs state that governi
What impact does a pluralistic society have on business?

What impact does a pluralistic society have on business?

The impact that a pluralistic society would have on businesses is good in the sense that there are different cultures living in one area. For example, in Pennsylvania, there a