What is a Pluralistic society?

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This is any society in which citizens can legally and publicly hold multiple competing ethical views and are allowed to choose for themselves what ethical beliefs if any they wish to hold. It is often mistaken for a society which tolerates different ethical beliefs or groups of people and holds that all are equal, which is correctly identified as moral relativism, a logically invalid position held by mush of the world today.
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What is pluralistic research?

I don't know for certain but pluralistic politics is politics where multiple opinions are tolerated and encouraged, in particular the allowing of multiple political parties. I'd guess that pluralistic research is research where you investigate multiple sources and the discussion of multiple opinions (MORE)

What is pluralist?

A pluralist actually has 2 separate meanings. It can describe aperson who holds 2 or more offices at the same time or it describesan adherent of pluralism.

How does pluralist theory relate to democracy?

politics is all about pursuance of intrests.society that we live in is plural in nature that is arranged in different associations .groups etc.every group would like to further its intrest.the authorty to give those intrest lies with the state.the state in turn operates through government which is a (MORE)

What are the learning goals in a pluralistic society?

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_learning_goals_in_a_pluralistic_society#oals in a pluralistic society are the educational aims established by a well-defined, multi-cultural group of stakeholders that take into consideration the diversity of their community and schools when they make ALL of their (MORE)

What is pluralist theory?

It argues that power is spread among many differentgroups within society, and that no one group of people controlsmore than a few governmental decisions. (apex) .

Is Canada a pluralistic society?

YES! Canada is! The reason is this: 1. Many people have different cultures and beliefs. 2. We have the right to keep our RELIGION 3. People come from many different countries and speak different languages.

What does pluralistic society mean?

A pluralistic society is characterized by variations in ethnicity, religion, cultural heritage, socio-economic status, i.e. a "melting pot" as has been said of the US. By contrast, a homogeneous society would be primarily made up of one ethnic group, share a common language and heritage.

What are the elite theory and pluralist theory?

In public policy and power, elite-based theories speculate that the state is really controlled or directed by a small group of individuals, the elite. In pluralistic theories, public policy and power are seen as spaces where competing interests communicate and negotiate their desires.

Did Pluralists deny the existence of elites?

Pluralists deny the existence of elites to a great extent. Theybelieve that there should equal opportunity for all who areinterested in any aspect of leadership which is free for all.

How is America a pluralistic society?

America is a pluralistic society due to the magnitude of itsdiversity. America at is core is a nation of immigrants forgingethnically, religiously, and culturally heterogeneous society.

Explain the pluralist view of sovereignty?

The pluralist view of sovereignty is that the state can't own absolute power over ever existing association such as the trade associations, family, churches etc. The state is seen as an association among other associations previously mentioned, other associations should be independent on their own a (MORE)

What is a pluralistic minority?

It's a minority that moves willingly into a certain area, and look to keep their own culture while at the same time attempting to assimilate to the new culture.

What are learning goals in a pluralistic society?

Learning goals in a pluralistic society are the educational aims established by a well-defined, multi-cultural group of stakeholders that take into consideration the diversity of their community and schools when they make ALL of their decisions regarding academics and activities in their school. C (MORE)

Is the U.S. a pluralistic society?

The U.S democracy is neither plural nor majority governed. It is a combination of both. This may be hard to prove if this is for an essay. Pluralism beliefs state that governing decisions in the U.S are made by numerical minorities. This governing system is evident in government agencies, interest g (MORE)

What is the hyper pluralist theory?

It is the belief that all beliefs and citizens are equal. It also welcomes diversity. the problem is that it invited too many people to make decisions, thus creating conflicts on agreement, too much diversity creates a standstill.

How can one live with a Christian Faith in a pluralistic society?

I think that this is a very individual question. By which I mean that Humans do not necessarily think alike. We all may have differing views on anything. We are all individuals (I'm not !!.......... Attributed to Monty Pythons Life of Brian) And so I would commend the view that it matters not who or (MORE)

What is a pluralistic family?

A pluralistic family is a type of family system that has multiple components. The three major types are intact nuclear families, single-parent (blended) families, and stepfamilies.

Why is Canada considered a pluralist society?

it is considered a pluralist society because after the war of 1793,the us and canada joined together in a call of duty and theydefeated the russian reznof and all was good until obama came andmessed up his second time as president by doing nothing and canadathen nuked him and thats why canada is con (MORE)

What impact does a pluralistic society have on business?

The impact that a pluralistic society would have on businesses is good in the sense that there are different cultures living in one area. For example, in Pennsylvania, there are many small Amish towns, as well as normal cities surrounding them, the impact of the Amish people and the English people a (MORE)

What makes a christian society different from a pluralist society?

tHE difference between a christian society and a pluralistic society is because of the God they serve.The christian society srves the God The Father Jehovah,The son The Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.They are all one called the Trinity.So they are all taught the same principles and the same t (MORE)

Does the US reflect the definition of a culturally pluralistic society?

I assume you mean "culturally pluralistic society" in the sense that: This is a form of society which is made up of people from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. A society which embraces minority groups and is tolerant towards them. Strictly and legally, yes, we have numerous (MORE)

Is the The US is a pluralistic nation?

The simple answer is yes. There is a mainstream American culture, but it is composed of smaller subcultures within America. For instance, African-American culture and history form and contribute to American popular culture. So do European Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americ (MORE)

What is pluralist view?

A pluralist view is one which accepts (or, at least, accomodates) more than one viewpoint. Typically, divergent views are incorporated into a thesis, an argument, or even a functioning government, to name a few. An antonym for "pluralist view" would be "singular view".

Pluralist theory of sovereignty?

PLURALIST THEORY OF SOVEREIGNTY The classical theory of sovereignty established the legal character of sovereignty. It held sovereignty as absolute, perpetual, universal, inalienable and indivisible. However the application of monistic/classical sovereignty to the political field gives rise to ma (MORE)

What is an example of a pluralist?

A theory of society as several autonomous but independent groups which either share power or continuously compete for power. or A single person holding more than one ecclesiastical office

Is Israel a pluralistic society?

Only if you're a Jew. Israel welcomes invites people from all over the world to become citizens but only if they are Jews. Its definition of a Jew is closely connected to the Nazi classification of Jews. The indigineous non Jewish Arab population is however discriminated against in almost all fields (MORE)

How do the terms pluralistics and consensus both apply to American society?

Pluralistic only applies in theory. In reality, those with money have access and influence; those without money have to take what comes their way. Consensus is manufactured by the media (the media which happens to be sponsored by those with money). It should not come as a surprise that those with (MORE)

What is pluralistic democratic state?

A pluralistic democratic state is one in which a diverse population representing many differences and cultures governs itself. The United States is an example of a pluralistic democratic state.

Why are the French anti pluralist?

They change the pronoun to make a word plural, for example: je tu il nous vous ils je joue (i play) changes to we play, nous joueons for pluralization.

What is a Pluralistic World?

A plural is something that has more than one component, as in grammar. For instance, man is the singular form and men is the plural form of the word. So in a pluralistic society more than one thing is going on. For instance, if we all believed in God as Christians that would be a somewhat singular s (MORE)

What are the characteristics of a Pluralistic health system?

Pluralistic is the system employed by the USA, its very simple really. Similar to Emergent health care its considered a consumer product and is really there to make money. This means that a client is nearly always paying for it, whether directly or through insurance (sure the insurance will eventual (MORE)

What is pluralistic in the renaissance?

The idea that all living things, had the ability to co exist with each other through harmony. This is a very rare thought during this time period. Pope Paul the Third had this belief. So did Luther, Calvin, lock. and many other reformers. To go into more detail about what it is, you would need to ta (MORE)

What is the advantage of a pluralistic society?

Advantages of a pluralistic society include fostering acceptance,understanding, and preserving traditions. Preserving cultures andfinding common beliefs are other advantages of pluralisticsocieties.

What would a pluralist be expected to argue?

A pluralist would be expected to argue that issues and powerdistribution are tied and that both government and non-governmentorganizations try to influence politics. They also argue that whilethings may be unequal socially that they are equally dispersedpolitically.