What is a ROHM RG3 kal 6mm?

It is a West German .22 caliber pistol of very poor quality. Many are unsafe to fire. Please have checked by a gunsmith.
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Word on the street is "The Royals" has a scandalous plot line. What kind of scandal can Answers users look forward to seeing on the show?

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Who played kal in Titanic?

Do you mean Cal? If so then he was played by Billy Zane in the movie "Titanic."
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What revolver 22 does rohm make?

Don't think Rohm makes any today. They did make a series of inexpensive revolvers of generally low quality.
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What is Elisabeth Rohm known for?

Elisabeth Rohm is best known as an American television actress. Her most famous roles were Serena Southerlyn in Law and Order, and Kate Lockley in Angel.
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Did Hitler kill Ernst Rohm?

Not really Rohm was told to take his own life in his cell with a pistol, but Rohm refuse to do so that when the SS took his life by shooting him in 1934 after The Night Of the (MORE)
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Who is ernst rohm?

Ernst Rohm waws born November 28, 1887.Ê He was a Germ Officer in the Bavarian Army and later was a Nazi Leader in Germany, he was executed by Adolf Hilter in 1934 as he was (MORE)