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In the strictest sense, a Xerox machine is a machine that is manufactured or sold by the Xerox Corporation or one of its affiliates, such as Fuji Xerox. The word "Xerox" is a registered trade mark and in that sense can only be used in connection with products of the Xerox Corporation.
In common usage, the term "Xerox machine" is used by many to mean any machine that makes a photocopy using the xerographic process that involves dry ink, electrostatic charges, a light-sensitive photoreceptor surface, and heat or pressure fusing of the dry ink to the paper.
The photocopy manufacturing industry tries to minimize this use, however, for two reasons. Xerox Corporation wants to maintain control of its trade mark and prevent it going the way of the term "hoover" in the UK or "aspirin" in the US. Most of its competitors would prefer that their products not be associated in the public language with the name of a competing manufacturer.
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How do you use a Xerox machine?

A Xerox machine is any machine manufactured or markets by Xerox Corporation with the company brand on it. The company sells several different kinds of machines, so how you use

What year was the Xerox machine invented?

Chester F. Carlson invented the Xerographic process used in Xerox machines in 1938 in Astoria, Queens, New York City. After decades of develpment the first Xerox Machine, the

How many Watts does a xerox machine use?

how many watts for usage xerox machine: 650 watt-1500watt  approximately.     for current rating of difference device this rating can be  varied. 

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What does xerox mean?

Xerox is a made-up word derived from the technical term xerography. It has no meaning other than as a trademark of the Xerox Corporation.

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People working for Xerox Corporation invented, among other things: . the laser printer . the computer mouse . the graphical user interface . the Ethernet

What is Xerox?

Xerox (pronounced zee-rocks) is a corporation known for the introduction of the plain-paper photocopier and the manufacture and sale of copiers, printers and related machines,

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A Xerox machine is any machine marketed by the Xerox Corporation or its affiliate, FujiXerox, Incorporated. These machines perform a wide variety of functions, including copyi

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A Xerox Machine is any machine marketed by the Xerox Corporation. Many different machines have been marketed by Xerox Corporation, and were invented by different people at dif

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A Xerox machine is any product sold by the Xerox Corporation and bearing its brand. There are many different products, working on many different principles. The working prin

Who invented the Xerox machine?

Chester A. Carlson invented the xerographic process in New York City in 1938. The Xerox machine, the photocopying machine introduced in 1958, was developed by Mr Carlson along

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In 1937, the process called Xerography was invented by American law student Chester Carlson. Carlson had invented a copying process based on electrostatic energy. Xerography b

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A Xerox machine is any machine manufactured or sold by the Xerox Corporation or its affiliate, Fuji Xerox Corporation. The companies sells a variety of different kinds of mach
In Xerox

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Xerox sells printers, multifunction systems, photo copiers, digital  production printing presses, and related consulting services and  supplies.    Xerox also offers