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there can be lots of animals that lays eggs like chikens
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What animals lay eggs that we eat?

Chickens, Ostriches, Duck, Quail, Goose, Bantam, Guinea Fowl, Salmon (fish), and Sturgeon (fish). That's all I can think of.

What are types of animals that lay eggs?

Animals that lay eggs are categorized as oviparous animals. Many reptiles, birds, fish and almost all amphibians lay eggs, as well as many arthropods. There are also two mam

Which animals lay blue eggs?

Robins, Araucana hens, Easter Egger Hens and Americana Hens.

Which animals lays their eggs in water?

Amphibians lay their eggs in water usually. Newts do if you are looking for a specific animal. Fish also lay their eggs in the water. The animals that lay their eggs underwate

What male animals lay eggs?

There are no male animals that lay eggs. Many people think that a male sea horse lays eggs, but a female sea horse lays eggs and the male carries them and takes care of it.

Which group of animals does not lay eggs?

All groups of animals lay eggs. The one most commonly defined as non-egg-laying is the group known as mammals. Almost all mammals give birth to live young. The exception to