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What is a baby's cute age?

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When it is born all the way up to 2! its always cute! After that, not so much.
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Do ultrasounds add two weeks to your baby's fetal age?

  If by fetal age you mean age from conception, yes they do because a pregnancy is always measured from the notional last period, even if you don't know when it was. I.e.

How do you count your baby's age?

First about 4 months count by weeks (example: 8 weeks = 2 moths). After 4 months count by date od birth (example: 25th of each month...). As kids get older, exact weeks don't

Age of baby's eating cereal?

You can feed your baby cereal at about 4 months old. Make it very thin at first. Do not force it! Your baby will let you know if he or she is ready. If you buy a baby cereal i

What age are baby's when they born?

Well if you want to get REALLY technical, around 9 months old.  Though if you want the one that most people go by, they are a few minutes old, generally known as 0.  I like
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What age baby's neck stable?

It varies, but with my two children, it was around 4 months when I dared to begin to let go of supporting the head.