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What is a big problem with coal mining?

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It causes Environmental damage to the surrounding area.
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How do you mine coal?

Coal is mined by two methods: surface or 'opencast' mining or underground or 'deep' mining. The choice of mining method largely depends on the geology of thecoal deposit. Un

What was a coal mine?

A coal mine is a tunnel underground where coal is wheeled through the tunnel. Victorian children worked many hours in there with no fresh air and had to get down there by rope

What problems can be caused by coal mining?

Subsidence of land at the surface, and damage to dwellings. Lung diseases caused by conditions underground. Air and water pollution from the coal-tips.

Where do you mine coal?

coal mines ____________________ under ground , way back in the mountains , in a big dark whole , places like that . basicly 6" from hell ! *

What problems can coal mining cause?

The pile up of waste materials may become unstable, and the waste materials that accumulate must be disposed of somewhere.

What are the problems associated with Coal Mining?

Coal mining can cause massive environmental destruction via unrestricted strip mining, and it can destroy nearby rivers via acid mine drainage. It can harm the health of worke
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What is one major environmental problem caused by coal mining?

Water and land pollution caused by the waste deposits being dumped.Potential dangers of landslide from shale waste (Aberfan 1963).Waste entering the water course. Industrial m

Where is coal mined?

In a great number of places; coal is VERY common. England, central Europe, many places in the United States especially in the Appalachian Mountains through Illinois, much o