What is a big problem with coal mining?

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It causes Environmental damage to the surrounding area.
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What is a coal mine?

A coal mine is a place where coal is dug out of the earth. Somemines are completely underground and depend on tunnels to takeminers to the coal. Other places, known as strip mines, are openpits in the ground where the coal is dug out.

How do you mine coal?

Coal is mined by two methods: surface or 'opencast' mining or underground or 'deep' mining. The choice of mining method largely depends on the geology of thecoal deposit. Underground mining currently accounts for a biggershare of world coal production than opencast; although in severalimportant co (MORE)

What is the biggest advantage of coal and coal mining?

There are large deposits still available whereas oil is starting to run out and will get scarcer over the next few decades. Also there are coal deposits in friendly and stable countries whereas most of the world's oil available now is in unstable parts of the world and so may be subject to political (MORE)

Where is coal mined in Australia?

Australia is known to have 8 percent of world's total coalreserves. The major coal mining areas in Australia are Bowen Basinin Queensland, Hunter region in NSW and Latrobe Valley in Victoria.

What was a coal mine?

A coal mine is a tunnel underground where coal is wheeled through the tunnel. Victorian children worked many hours in there with no fresh air and had to get down there by rope. Wow tough times! Coal can also be mined by the open cut, or open cast, method. There are also other methods of mining coal (MORE)

What major problem in the coal mining industry did the steam engine help solve?

Trevithick invented the steam engine to pump water out offlooded mines but it wasn't for coal mining. He invented the engineto use in tin mines. . ++++ James Watt subsequently established why the early Newcomen (notTrevithick) engines were so inefficient, and worked on the problemof turning a pisto (MORE)

Where do you mine coal?

coal mines ____________________ under ground , way back in the mountains , in a big dark whole , places like that . basicly 6" from hell ! *

Why do you mine coal?

You mine coal for either money making. Or to make most bars including Steel mith addy and rune.

What can you do to prevent coal mining?

Some reason you don't like coal mining? I notice you are using a computer- which is powered by electricity. You might want to see how much of the electricity that is used comes from coal before you decide you want to prevent coal mining.

A state where there is a lot of coal mining?

If you are a member go to the coal trucks just west of Seers Village. If you are a free player and have 60+ mining visit the mining guild, if not then your only option is to go to the Dwarven Mine or the chasm mine in Al Kharid.

What is the name of the gas in coal mines?

There can be several. The one in the news in the past few days is methane. Methane naturally occurs in coals seams, landfills, etc. It has been said that anything that has been living that dies and rots produces methane gas. Methane is high flammable.

How is coal mined in West Virginia?

That depends on the formation where the coal is found. Some mining is conducted as underground mining, where multiple tunnels are dug and connected to form a maze like network under ground. While mining is underway, large pillars of undisturbed coal is left to support the mountain above the mines. (MORE)

How do you mine for coal?

Well, all you need is a pickaxe or adze inferno and a coal rock they are found in the living rock caverns and camelot.

Facts about children in the coal mines?

The Victorian children stay there in the coal mines for hous and hours. They would only have 1 hour of school per week They would have no choice to do what they want

Why is mining for coal good?

This is a simply answer, it is GREAT experience at a High Mining Level (80+) and it is ALOT of money, aroudn 110,000,000Gp for 99 from 80.

What is the raven coal mine?

the raven coal mine is an underground coal mine that has been proposed 5 km west of Buckley Bay on Vancouver island. 88% of the coal minned will be used for steele making, and will be shipped off by truck or rail to port alberni then loaded onto a ship and sent off to asian markets.

What are the problems associated with Coal Mining?

Coal mining can cause massive environmental destruction via unrestricted strip mining, and it can destroy nearby rivers via acid mine drainage. It can harm the health of workers and people living nearby, as well.

What state has the most coal mines?

Wyoming leads in production and has the third largest coal reserves. Montana and Illinois have larger reserves of coal but the production/output is greatest by Wyoming at present.

How is coal mining hazardous?

Its dangerous because if you are in the mine and there is a weak spot in one certain area, it could collapse, either killing you, or blocking the entrance so you cant get out.

What causes a coal mine explosion?

Trapped Methane gas produced in the ages of carbonization of organic matter in contact with air (oxygen) pumped in the tunnel for ventilation explodes violently when in contact with a spark/flame during tunneling/drilling is the usual cause. Earlier explosives were used to blast rocks in the tunne (MORE)

What is a problem with coal?

The problem with coal is that is a nonrenewable resource which means that it cannot be supplied again when we run out which is predicted to be about 200 years from now. Coal also lets out CO2 into the air which only plants can breathe in.

What did deputies do in a coal mine in 1800?

They were responsible for a section of the pit, and they also installed roof props for safety. This was in the early 1900s, but I'm sure it's not too different to what they did in the 1800s.

What are the causes of coal mining?

Coal mining is done to collect coal, which can be used for a number of things. Coal can be used for burning in power plants for electricity, and can be condensed into diamonds.

Why coal mining is good?

Coal mining is good because it is used to get a very important natural resource, coal. Coal is used in many things and without coal mining we could not do those things. They were used on the first trains and in stoves to keep old log houses warm.

How do they know how much coal is in a coal mine?

They core drill from the surface down and remove samples. These core samples give them the coal seam thickness and coal quality. Multiply the seam thickness by total area and you have the coal reserves, typically measured in acre-feet.

Where in the county is coal mined?

26 US states produce some coal, but the top producers are as follows in order. Contrary to popular belief, West Virginia is not number one in production. 1. Wyoming 2. West Virginia 3. Kentucky 4. Pennsylvania 5. Texas 6. Montana 7. Illinois 8. Virginia 9. North Dakota 10. Color (MORE)

Has coal mining stopped?

No, coal mining has not stopped. If it had, you probably would not be using your computer right now. About 45% of the electricity in the US comes from coal fired powerplants. With no coal, it would get dark pretty quickly.

How dangerous is retreat coal mining?

The biggest danger in retreat coal mining is the miners are removing coal pillars as the miners "retreat". The removal of coal pillars, which support the mine's roof, can cause mine collapse.

What was work like in a coal mine?

Hard, dirty, dangerous, and cramped. It still is hard and dirty, but safer than it used to be. Most coal mining is highly mechanized today, and safety equipment and practices are much better.

What is unsafe about coal mining?

Coal miners work in a freshly cut hole in the ground, right up close to heavy machinery, underneath a roof that can drop rocks on top of them. Coal dust can explode. Plenty of dangers right there.

How old did you have to be to work in a coal mine?

Back in the early and mid-nineteenth century, the only minimum was the ability to work. But it was a very dangerous job, and many children died very jung, so british politiciens changed it to 12, then 16, then 20. Rest of industrial Europe soon followed suit.

Is mining coal mining good or bad?

It can be either one, depending on how the mining is conducted. In past years, areas were strip mined, and waste materials from the mining were left to pile up- in many cases, unsafely. Mining regulations in the US now require that a mine post a monetary bond to restore the land after mining ends. T (MORE)

Is coal mined in Ohio?

well i am only 9 years old but when i start scoile studys i am shure its mined in ohio.

How was coal mined?

If shallow then it is mined using a "strip" mining technique. If itis deep then it is mined in deep mine collieries.

What is one major environmental problem caused by coal mining?

Water and land pollution caused by the waste deposits being dumped.Potential dangers of landslide from shale waste (Aberfan 1963).Waste entering the water course. Industrial machinery producing CO2emissions, Dangers of emphysema to workers from dust created. andof course land displacement such as su (MORE)