What is a black hole on the sun called?

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There is no black hole associated with our sun.

No sun would remain in the vicinity of a black hole, it would, over a period of time, be absorbed into the black hole.
First of all, there cannot be a black hole on the sun because it's to small, but technically speaking a star which is massive enough for it's core to collapse and form a black hole will be a star that is not alive any more but will still seem like a normal star for around three hours, and the only way to detect when a star is dead is by seeing if neutrinos came out of it because the neutrinos " escape" the star when it dies and even though the neutrinos don't travel faster than light, they travel at a 99.99% of its speed
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Why are black holes called black holes?

A black hole is called a black hole because due to its density and therefore intense gravity, nothing, not even light, can escape it. Though it has extreme mass, it is not a l

Why is the sun not a black hole?

It emits light so is not "black". A "black hole" is a stellar body so massive that nothing can escape its gravity. Light actually consists of a stream of photons, so a suffici

Can the sun be turned into a black hole?

it is possible but the chances are extremely unlikely. It is fartoo small. Most likely it will expand into a Red Giant as it dies,in about 4 thousand million years' time.

Is the sun bigger then a black hole?

Black holes can be many different sizes. Therefore, there are some black holes that are bigger than the sun, and there are some that are smaller than the sun.

Can the sun get sucked in a black hole?

The Sun could - if a black hole stayed too close to the Sun. However, the Sun will not be sucked. The closest black hole is about 1,600 light years away.

What if the sun became a black hole?

We would all die. There would be no sun, no light, so all theplants would die, so animals would die, we would have no food andstarve. Solar power would not be available. We wo

Is sun going to be a black hole?

No, it's not. This is because the sun simply is not massive enough to become one. In order for a star to become a black hole, it's mass needs to be greater than about 3 solar

What do you mean by black hole in the sun?

Our sun is not massive enough to have a black hole in its center, or to form one when it eventually dies and collapses. You may be thinking of the current belief that all or v