What is a bloated stomach?

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When you are very full and have to much gas in your stomach. Almost like your about to explode.
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Why would a ferret's stomach bloat?

Possible causes - Intestinal blockage (fur balls, eating soft rubber objects); heart disease; poison; internal tumor . Intestinal obstruction or blockage in the stomach is a

Why does the stomach bloat?


Can coffee cause stomach bloating?

Yes. Some individuals have a more sensitive gastrointestinal track and when coffee, which is high acidic, is digested it causes the villi of the small intestines to become irr

What is stomach bloating?

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My stomach is bloated whats wrong?

You should be seeking professional medical help right now as opposed to waiting for an answer here. Medical abnormalities require the expertise of a medical professional.

How do you get rid of bloating stomach?

Lower ingestion of sugar. Do not mix milk with other food. Drink peppermint tea. Lower ingestion of rice, bread. Before eating lettuce let it in one liter of water with a sp

Can bloating cause your stomach to get bigger?

The definition of bloating- Bloating is any abnormal general swelling, or increase in diameter of the abdominal area. So i would say yes. That's exactly what bloating is. but

What should you do when your hamsters stomach is bloated?

If your hamsters stomach is bloated, there is obviously something wrong with it. The could be a number of things wrong; it could have eaten too much, the proctective wall arou

Your dogs stomach is hard and bloated?

bloating for a female dog can be a sign of pregnancy, but if it's a male or you know it can't be pregnant it could be blockage or tumors. if the bloating does not go down with

Goldfish in pond has bloated stomach?

First thing you need to check for is if the fish's scales are sticking out in a manner that is called pineconing; if this is the case, then the fish has dropsy and needs to be
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Why does starving people's stomachs bloat?

PCM - a healthy number of calories are eaten but there's a lack of protein. The blood can't hold the fluids (Organs always leak some "waste" fluids) and without the protein to

How do you bloat your stomach?

you really dont bloat your stomach. its like if you are very full this can cause your stomach to bloat. and also if you have alot of gas on your stomach.

Why has your cow got a bloated stomach?

She is unable to eructate, or belch out the gases in her rumen. This is usually cause by foamy build up from eating too much high concentrate feeds or feedstuffs that are high
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Why do stomachs bloat?

Chemical breakdown of food releases gasses; if the gas cannot escape, or it is being produced more quickly than it is able to escape, bloating occurs.