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  • Perfect for Paella, holds shape
  • Grown slowly in cold, mountain water
  • Absorbs 30% more broth than regular rice

Of the two types of classic short grain rice grown in Calasparra, Bomba is thought to be the superior strain. The basic difference between Bomba rice and others is that Bomba expands in width like an accordion rather than longitudinally, as do other rice strains. It differs from Italian Arborio rice, which is bred to be creamy, and Asian rice, which is meant to be sticky. Bomba absorbs three times its volume in broth (rather than the normal two), yet the grains remain distinct. When you are making paella, this is just what you want to bring uniform flavor to your creation.

Bomba is an ancient strain of rice that matures very slowly. It is grown around the town of Calasparra in Murcia. Bomba rice produces an exceptionally dehydrated grain when it is harvested, because it has taken such a long time to mature. This enables it to absorb 30% more broth than is the case with the other rices.

Until recently, many feared that the strain would become extinct. Bomba had all but disappeared from the land because it requires intensive care in order to flourish. Fortunately, demand for the rice prevailed, so that today Bomba is once again available.
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