What is a booty call?

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A booty call is when a person is being used just for sex. A person might be called only for that purpose.

Men often set women up as booty calls. At first they will seduce them by making them feel special, then they will visit them at home, then they might start visiting or dropping by for meals, a home life, to watch TV, etc.--all with the expectation that sex is on the menu.
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What does booty call mean?

A 'Booty Call' is when someone specifically calls someone late in the evening for a date,and the whole point in this is for sexual intercourse to end the night.For instance,A

What are opinions on Online Booty Call?

Nope. But most of the girls on there want u to pay to watch them on webcam, are flakes, or are despreate/ugly/weird. But occasionally you'll find someone cool

What is a booty call mean?

It is when someone you aren't formally dating calls you late at night in order to have sex, no strings attached.
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How can you know if am just a booty call?

If the meetings are for his convenience, and progress into sex quickly, then dissolve shortly after sex ... you are a booty call.