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A burn page is an online area where people "Burn" or make fun of in the harshest ways possible. They're are many on Facebook.
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What is page segmentation?

Page segmentation is all about to track the site visitors like which are the landing pages and exit pages. So that you can have a brief idea that how can you improve exit page

What is paging?

Paging is a memory management scheme, in which data is fetched from the disk to memory in the form of equal size blocks called pages.paging is a method for allowing the non-co

What is the purpose of paging the page tables?

In certain situations the page tables could become large enough that by paging the page tables, one could simplify the memory allocation problem (by ensuring that everything i

What is the process of paging?

Paging is a feature that permits segments to be divided into blocks of memory called pages. It permits the totalmemory used by all programs running at the same time to be much

What is a page fault and a page swap?

a page fault is an interrupt (or exception) to the software raised by the hardware, when a program accesses a page that is mapped in address space, but not loaded in physical

What type of a burn is a laser burn?

radiation   A little more...Technically, this answer is true -- LASER burns are "radiation" burns, most frequently in the visual light or infra-red parts of the EM spectrum

What do you have to do to get an Wikipedia page?

You'll have to be a person of importance. Wikipedia asks that you do not create articles about yourself. Wikipedia has policies for those who can have an article - it's call

What is pre-paging?

The strategy is to bring into memory at one time all the pages that will be needed.

What is a contents page?

  A presentation, report or dissertation should have, at the beginning, a page giving a list of the chapters and sections, etc. It is generally very helpful to readers.

How do you print pdf pages with 2 pages on 1 page as 2 separate pages?

This is a workflow I use to print a copy of a single page PDF on the same sheet of paper. Be aware that the original PDF is one half the size of a letter page, i.e. 5.5 inches

What building was not burned in the burning of chambersburg?

There are a few buildings that have survived the Burning of Chambersburg in July 30 , 1864 ; they are : the old Chambersburg Jail ( later known as the Kitteninny Historical So