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What is a centigram balance?

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it a electronic balance to measure weight
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What is an example of a centigram?

A centigram is simply 1/100th of a gram. It's rarely used, becausemost measurements use milligrams, and 10 milligrams is the same as1 centigram.

Centigram in a kilogram?

1 centigram = 0.00001 kilograms. 1 kilogram = 100,000 centigrams.

Uses of centigram balance?

There are quite a few uses for a centigram balance. They are mostlyused to measure mass in kitchens and laboratories. This includesweighing small food amounts and dry ingredie

Grams in a centigram?

If I am not mistaken, I believe it is 0.01 grams because it is asking the amount of grams in a centigram, which is smaller. (:

What is a tenth of a centigram?

A milligram

Milligram in a Centigram?

1 centigram is 10 milligrams.

What is mesured in centigrams?

The unit centigram is rarely used. Engineers and scientists like to use powers of thousand (powers of ten in which the exponent is a multiple of 3), so either grams or milligr

What can be measured in centigrams?

Anything with a mass can be measured in centigrams, as it is merelya unit used to measure mass. Centigrams are a small unit though, sosmaller items would be more ideal.

What is in a centigram?

A centigram is a measure of weight equal to 0.01 grams or0.00035274 ounces.
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How accurate are centigram balances?

They provide you with two numbers after the decimal place for your measurement. They are more precise than decigram balances.