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A change agent is an event, organisation, material thing or, more usually, a person that acts as a catalyst for change. In business terms, a change agent is a person chosen to bring about organisational change. Corporations often hire senior managers or even chief executives because of their aboility to effect change.

Use in a sentence - Mr. Farnsworth is considered a change agent for his organization.
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Importance of change agent?

Change agents help promote change in organizations. Change agentscan be internal or external to the organization. Sometimes changecan happen as a result of an event.

Why is Bill Gates a agent of change?

An agent for change is someone who has a platform from which peoplewill listen to new ideas. Bill Gates puts forth his agenda or goalsthrough well funded foundations and peopl

Characteristics of change agent?

Change agents are outspoken. They are also analytical because theythink outside of the box about how to solve business problems.

What is the role of change agents in organizations?

If an organisation is going through a major change: computer system, redundancies, re-structuring, merging branches etc, then they will often delegate one person to manage the

What is a change agent in an organization?

Change Agent is an individual or a group that takes responsibility for changing the existing pattern of behaviour of a person or the social system. The person must be able to

Who can be a change agent?

Who can be a Change Agent ? 1. Persons with Innovative Ideas. 2. Calculated Risk Takers 3. Person coming with different Industry or sector even from different depa

Why nurses act as change agents?

because the nurses are involved in taking care of their clients at various health care settings such as home,school,hospitals and community.since they are accountable and resp
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Why entrepreneur is called a change agent?

He is called a change agent as he comes up with new innovative and creative ideas. They can convert a problem into an opportunity and create new products and services which he

Why change agent are important?

Businesses need forces for stability, generally called "administrators". The also need forces for change - change agents. Leaders envision something new (really of any sort th