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What is a chicken sexer's yearly salary?

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I heard on Spike t.v's "manswers" that they make approximately 300$ a week so...

300$ a week X 52.177457 weeks a year = 15,653.24$ a year
( if you work the entire year) pretty weak if u ask me.

300$ a week / 7 days = 42.86$ a day

168 hours a week=300$ so 300/168= 1.79$ an hour

now consider that about 90% of chicken sexer's work in places were minimum wage is much lower then in Canada and the us so it makes sense

The calculations above assume that the chicken sexer works 24/7, which is entirely unreasonable. $300/week at 40 hours/week works out to $7.50/hour, slightly above U.S. Federal minimum wage.
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