What is a clam?

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A clam is a marine bivalve mollusk with shells of equal size. They are sometimes buried in sand or mud that is near bodies of water. These bodies of waters could be freshwater or saltwater.
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What do clams do?

Clams don't do a lot. They sit at the bottom of a lake and move very slowly across the sandy floor. They have an appendage called a foot they use to slowly move and they have

What is a clam bake?

The New England clam bake is a traditional method of cooking foods,especially seafood such as lobsters, crabs etc. The seafood isoften mixed with sausage, potatoes, carrots, c

What is a clam cleats?

It's a kind of bracket that's used mainly on boats for temporary attachment of ropes where easy adjustabilty is required.

What is a Clam lifestyle?

Clams are two-shelled mollusks that live in coastal waters andfreshwater shallows. Clam shells are fused at the back with aligament. There are two heavy muscles that open and