What is a cliff fall?

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When you fall off a cliff. Obviously!

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The usual meaning of 'a cliff fall' is when some part of the cliff fell. In some places pieces of cliff fall off more often than people fall over the cliff.
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Are there cliffs to fall off of on Jupiter?

No. The planet Jupiter is surrounding by a dense atmosphere of gases, mostly hydrogen, and does not have the solid surface of terrestrial planets such as Earth. The pressure near its rock core is so high that it is covered by liquid and even solid hydrogen at more than 11,000 degrees Celsius.

Was Niagara Falls a cliff?

Niagara Falls --- IS --- a cliff.... that's what makes a waterfall. A waterfall is a place where water flows over the edge of a cliff.

Who saved Bella from falling of a cliff?

Bella jumps off the cliff and she realizes later that Victoria was behind her. When she hits the water she begins to get pulled in bye the current and Jacob Black jumps in to save her.

What do you do if you are falling of a cliff?

Attempt to grab at the cliff to avoid falling, or falling further, and if you do not succeed slow your fall and try to lay flat during impact, do NOT land on your legs or head. Praying can help you emotionally -- or can help a miracle come to you.

Can you fall off a cliff and live?

It is possible for a human to fall off a cliff and survive. There are many factors that could allow this, including the height of the cliff, the physical condition of the person that falls, and the surface that they land on.

What do you do if you are falling off a cliff?

What You Would Do Scream, pray, worry, or wince for the coming impact (which is almost inevitable). What You Should Do Look for a tree to grab, or a ledge that might interrupt your fall. If you think you might land in water, rather than on rock, angle your body to enter feet first. Otherwise, go limp and don't try to stop when you hit. This could cause more injuries. Always have another competent adult with you when you are in rocky surroundings, and ideally a way (such as a satellite phone) to immediately call for help. One or more of a climbing party should have professional first aid training. What A Science Student Might Do Calculate the velocity of the moment right before you hit the ground given that the distance of the cliff to the ground is x , the initial velocity is zero, and the acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/sec 2 . On the lighter side Always carry a small bunny with you, so it can blow on your face. There are many stories of people who have been saved by a hare's breath. You might want to see if you have any wings with you (chicken wings, buffalo wings, any kind of wings) and attach them to your back. This will likely not help. If you're Dean Potter simply pull the cord on your base jumping pack and land safely on the ground.

Did Draco Malfoy fall of a cliff?

No he does not. He survives the Battle of Hogwarts, and as he and his family do not participate greatly in the Battle (most notably when Narcissa does not give Harry away) he is not sent to Azkaban.

Why do houses on cliffs fall off?

Usually this is the result of a heavy rainfall in an area that usually doesn't get much rain (in Southern California). Soil becomes mud, and mud is slippery. There can be other types of erosion that undermine the foundation of a house built on a cliff.

Why did tohru Honda fall of a cliff?

she fell off the cliff because she didn't look were she was going and slipped but kyo and yuki try to help torhu but they transform and they all fall down but are not hurt.

Can you survive falling off a cliff?

Of course. No problem. Falling is the easy part. It's the sudden landing after the fall that can be life-threatening. However, the likelihood of surviving the landing (after falling) depends on the height of the cliff, nature of the material or surface landed on, protective clothing worn, landing position of one's body, updrafts, availability of something to grab onto during the fall, and too many other variables not specified in the question.