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What is a cliff fall?

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When you fall off a cliff. Obviously!

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The first answer may be obvious, but that doesn't necessarily make it right.

The usual meaning of 'a cliff fall' is when some part of the cliff fell. In some places pieces of cliff fall off more often than people fall over the cliff.
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Are there cliffs to fall off of on Jupiter?

No. The planet Jupiter is surrounding by a dense atmosphere of gases, mostly hydrogen, and does not have the solid surface of terrestrial planets such as Earth. The pressure n

Does the moon have cliffs?

Yes it does.

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What do you do if you are falling off a cliff?

What You Would Do Scream, pray, worry, or wince for the coming impact (which is almost inevitable). What You Should Do Look for a tree to grab, or a ledge that might inter

What is a sentence for cliff?

I have just driven over a cliff. This cliff is very steep and colorful.
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What is cliff regrading?

Cliff regrading is restructuring the face of a cliff to make the gradient less steep. This is an example off soft engineering, although it is hard to find accurate information