What is a closed horse drawn carriage?

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An enclosed horse drawn carriage is called a "coach". Examples of a "coach" are the Town Coach, Stage Coach, and Mail Coach. A coach often has a hard top (though some have what is called an "auto-top" for lowering, such as a Landau), with glass windows and doors.

When was the horse drawn carriage invented?

The horse drawn carriage was invented in Hungary in the Fifteenth Century, it was built to carry a Princess to her wedding but this early design had no steering as such and ha

A word for horse-drawn carriage?

Some names for horse drawn carriages: wagon wagonette coach buggy stagecoach phaeton brougham surrey See the link below for some photos.

Four-wheeled horse drawn carriage?

A four wheeled horse drawn carriage can have many different styles and names, just like a car. A horse drawn "carriage" is simply a four-wheeled, horse drawn conveyance...a tw

Why did they invent horse drawn carriage?

They invented horse drawn carriages because a horse has stronger legs than a human, thus it can pull more weight behind it than a person could doing the same thing.

How does a horse drawn carriage work?

The horse is placed between the shafts of the cart and attached to them by means of a horse collar. The horse then pulls the cart along.