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it convers 12 volts into 50,000 volts Coil in electronics means wire wrap around some media the get different uses in applications. The above answer only pertains to coil on a car I suppose It is part of the ignition system. in older cars, it is a single unit that is about the size of a coke can. In many newer cars, you have individual coil packs sitting on top of each spark plug.
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What is a coil pack?

Your truck has two coil packs. one on each side of the truck. I changed mine twice on my 99 expedition. I dont know the exact definition of the coil pack, but i know that they

What is a coil pot?

Here are a few sites to help you: . http://www.jhpottery.com/tutorial/coil.htm . http://pottery.about.com/od/stepbystepprojects/ss/basiccoil.htm . http://www.expertvil

What is a coil stamp?

Coil stamps are those that were designed to go into vending machines or automatic stamp affixing machines. They are identifiable by the straight edges on two parallel sides an

What is a coil pack assembly?

A coil pack assembly is a coil that controls 4 or more cylinder using separate igntion wires for each. On a Taurus it will control the 6 cylinders.

What is a Coil of yarn called?

A coil of yarn may be called a hank or a skein. Yarn is typicallysold in a ball or a skein. A hank is different in that it is a bigloop of yarn that is twisted up for easy shi

What is a coil on plug?

A Coil On Plug ignition system has a coil for each spark plug ( the 5.4 L has always. been Coil On Plug - C.O.P. ) the newer 4.6 L are now Coil On Plug instead of having. 2

What is a coil on a central air unit?

A "coil" is a length of copper or aluminum tubing that has been wrapped or folded into a compact package. A refrigerant gas, such as Freon or ammonia, is pumped through the co
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What is a coil pack for Lincoln mark 8?

They take the place of a distributor and there are two of them for each bank of the engine. Look at your engine and you will see two square things on the front of each side of
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What is a coil nailer used for?

A coil nailer is a tool typically used in woodworking or roofing. It is often used when framing, and is generally considered easier and more practical than stick nailers.