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it convers 12 volts into 50,000 volts Coil in electronics means wire wrap around some media the get different uses in applications. The above answer only pertains to coil on a car I suppose It is part of the ignition system. in older cars, it is a single unit that is about the size of a coke can. In many newer cars, you have individual coil packs sitting on top of each spark plug.
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What is a Coil of yarn called?

A coil of yarn may be called a hank or a skein. Yarn is typically  sold in a ball or a skein. A hank is different in that it is a big  loop of yarn that is twisted up for ea

What is ht coil?

its a ignition coil which changes 12 volts of battery to a several thousands volts which is required for spark plug to create an ignition.

What is a coil on a central air unit?

A "coil" is a length of copper or aluminum tubing that has been wrapped or folded into a compact package. A refrigerant gas, such as Freon or ammonia, is pumped through the co

What are current coil and pressure coil?

These terms apply to the coils inside a wattmeter. 'Pressure coil' is an archaic term for 'voltage coil', which is connected in parallel with the supply, while the 'current co

What is current coil and voltage coil?

The current coil is one through which the current of source can pass. This coil is connected in series. The voltage coil is connected parallel to the applied voltage. In the c

What is a coil line pair in stamp collecting?

Coil stamps are printed on a rotary press. Each plate is created flat and rolled around the press. The two ends of the plate come together and there is a gap there. When print

What is air coil?

An inductor that does not depend upon a ferromagnetic material to achieve its specified inductance. This covers the cases where there really is just air inside as well as wind