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In writing, "commentary" usually refers to an article or essay that discusses aspects of another piece of writing. This is not like a book report that tells what the writing is about, but rather enlarges on the ideas or makes original points based on the previous material.
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What is Writing?

Writing can mean using letters and symbols to represent sounds and words of a language such as "I like writing letters to my friends." Writing can mean the actual words and letters, such as "Writing was invented thousands of years ago." Writing can mean the work of an author, such as "His writ (MORE)

What is write off and write back?

A write off occurs when a customer does not pay their bill. Thecompany decides that they might never collect it and they write itoff, or take it off the books. A write back occurs when the samecustomer finally pays the bill or part of it. The amount paid isthen added back to assets.

How do you write a will?

Make a list of all your valuable property including family heirlooms, jewelry, bank accounts, real property, life insurance, etc. Then write a list of how you want your property to be distributed at the time of your death. You can include any instructions you would like your executor to follow. Thin (MORE)

How do you write an answer?

Read the question. If it is based on something you already know, type away, making as much sense as possible. If you do not know the answer, Google it. Wikipedia answers most of my questions.

Why do you write?

Simple answer: you write because you have to. Writers write because the ideas percolating inside their minds just have to come out and be written down. If you are a writer, then you know this is true - if you are not a writer, that's OK, because you have other skills and talents instead. Everyone ha (MORE)

Is it write?

Write is a word meaning, "to scribe" or to put something down in a language on a medium.. You might also mean, "right" like right and wrong. Or right such as, "my right foot".. The question isn't a good one.

Who are you writing to?

I'd answer that question if I understood what it meant alittle bit more. I guess I'm writing to anybody willing to read my answers or writings in general

What is a comentary?

spelt Commentary, it is continuous series of observations on some happening - like the verbal description of a football match

Why do we have writing?

According to many, writing was made as a means of communicationfrom distance, and is still used after the phone was invented. ---------------------------------------------------------------/ Brain Storming Writing Ideas . Brainstorming writing ideas gives writers fresh ideas. It turns awriting (MORE)

How do you write a persuasive writing task?

DON'T FENCE SIT! Fence sitting is where you say "I think that we should have (blah blah blah) because it (yada yada).... but then again we also shouldn't have it because (and so on)" You want to prove your point and make it stick. Even if you don't believe in your topic, make the other person believ (MORE)

Where can you write?

There are a number of different venues where you may write. The internet offers seemingly infinite opportunities. Perhaps you would like to write for print or publication. If this is the case, you might submit works that you have written to newspapers or magazines. If you write stories, there are a (MORE)

How do you write writing?

If you're writing an essay, the best idea for that would be to write in the essay - style paragraphs . . . Introduction - explain what you're on about before you start rambling on about it! Explanations - you can write a few (usually two) paragraphs about the details of your point. Conclusion - thi (MORE)

When you write who are you writing for?

Typically, unless specifically assigned, you are writing foreveryone and anyone who might ever see it. I know this is a bitvague, but think of it this way... What you have to say is important. If you have to conduct researchto be able to write it, you have put a lot of work into the finalproduct, s (MORE)

Where did you write?

I think it depends on what background you like or what story you are writing. If you personally love silence better, then I will porefer in your own room, if you are finding ideas, I will prefer noisy streets, cause there is lots of ideas in streets and fun things in streets too! However, it actau (MORE)

Why are you writing this?

Well, I am writing this because I like to answer questions...( and i also like to ask them) so...... Why are you asking this? Got nothing better to do

How do you write a situational writing?

Situational writing means you toss your characters into a situation and just write whatever happens. You let them do what their personalities dictate. Find an interesting situation, put your characters into that situation, and start writing without planning anything out ahead of time.

How do you write the?

On a piece of paper (try outlined!) with your favorite writing utensil write the letter T, then next to that letter write H and then write E.

What do you write about?

You can write about anything and everything. Like right now, I'm writing about what you can write about. You can write about family, friends, pets, the future, the past, the present, a present, a cow, etc. Go nuts.

How do you write without something to write with?

This raises the question, how did you post this question? You wrote it; it is here after all. It exists, and does so by your hand. The obvious answer then, is use the same computer you used to write the question.

How do you write instructive type of writing?

If you want to write an instructive type of writing then you shouldstart writing step by step instructions followed by an overview ofyour writing. It would be better if you could include relatedimages for each steps for better understanding. This helps.

How do you write a on demand writing piece?

Working as an electroencephalographic transcriber for a major neurologic department in Chicago, and with a background in editing a daily newspaper, I was asked by one of the senior physicians to write a letter to one of his elderly female patients, telling her that he was withdrawing from being her (MORE)

What should you write when you write about a bar?

You write about what the bar looks like and smells like and sounds like and how it makes you feel when you walk into it and what the people are like and anything else that you can think of that will make your readers be able to imagine the bar.

What type of writing is essay writing?

The essay is a difficult thing to catagorize. An essay can have many purposes, but the basic structure is the matter. You may be writing an essay to argue for a particular point of view or to explain the steps necessary to complete a task. One type of essay is called stream of consciousness, whic (MORE)

What do Romans write on and what do they use to write on it?

they used paper and harden clay of of pottery and they wrote with rod pens. Edit: Some write hot wax with a stylus (a rod pen), or on a piece of pottery, the bonus of both being, pottery shards were easily obtainable, and wax would simply be heated up again and smoothed to have a fresh surface. (MORE)

How do you write an argumentative writing?

1.The tone of the writing must not be acerbic but mellow . 2. The points of disagreement must be underlined. 3.Argumentative discourse or writing is not mere refuting an idea by logically convincing by inductive or deductive logic that the idea is incorrect but also presenting ones view point to co (MORE)

Why people writing in academic writing?

If you mean students - it is a good way to learn how to think,write and logically shape own ideas, as well as to prepare speechesand arguments in a debate. If you mean custom writing companies - for money, but also to helpstudents in their studies, I think.

How do you write sheishei in Chinese writing?

'Xie xie' meaning 'thanks' in Chinese can be pronounced as 'shei shei'. The Chinese characters can be written as '谢谢' in simplified characters or '謝謝' in traditional Chinese characters.

Is news writing is essay writing?

It depends..but i guess more NO than YES . Essay writing is when you state some facts or research some events in details but there are no time limits. It might be a research about ancient cultures or a review about the latest media concepts. News writing would be directly something that happened r (MORE)

Do you write its or Its?

The word "its" is the possessive of the word "it," and "it's" is a contraction of "it is." The capitalization of the "I" simply depends on its location in a sentence.

How do you record yourself playing video games with comentary?

get a video capture card if you are playing on a console. or get a screen capture program like fraps. then move the game video file to your video editing file and voice over or if on computer plug in a mic while playing and set it to record you during the video

How do you write 'see you' in Japanese writing?

Iitekimasu - 行ってきます - is a formal way of saying "see you; I'm off" Mata ne - またね - is a more casual way of saying "bye; see you" You can also say "ja" - じゃ - with close friends.

Write write soon in spanish?

Escriba / escriban / escribe / escribid pronto. Escríbanos / escríbannos / escríbenos / escribidnos pronto= write to us soon

What is hearing in writing when you writing an essay?

Essay writing is the important segment for the each and everycollege students. The essay writer should be analysis the studentsmentality and to write the essay document for the favor to them.The thesis writing service is to provide the tips for writing thebest essay document and how to improve the c (MORE)

Who do you write about?

People write about all sorts of people, including: . someone you imagine (fiction writing), like Batman . yourself - almost all stories include pieces of ourselves . your family or one person in your family . someone in your extended family, such as a great-aunt . someone who inspires you . s (MORE)

When you write was or were?

Was and were are past tense 'be' verbs. Was is used with singular subjects. - He was happy. The girl was happy. Were is used with plural subjects. - They were happy. The girls werehappy. Be verbs are also used to make: 1. continuous tenses - He was having a good time.They were havi (MORE)

Can you write and then?

Yes, you can write and then. For example: She finished her homework, and then went on a walk.