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identifies things perceived through the senses (touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste), such as soft, stench, red, loud, or bitter. "Detail used in a persuasive paper with attempts to convince the reader: proof or evidence." ___ Unnecessary 'concrete detail' can produce pseudo-poetic diction and sound very strange. Compare: On 1 December 2001 Norman Weinstein shut his eyes for ever. Death tore the pen from his hand with: On 1 December 2001 Norman Weinstein died (and was unable to finish the book).
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Where can you find detailed information on how to build your own inground concrete swimming pool?

Answer . No - not unless you buy from them. We used Northwest Wholesale - whole process of building a pool is pretty simple and alot of work. We were looking to buy a kit and install ourselves - and wanted to pay a consultant to help us along the way - I don't think any exist - at least for an in (MORE)

What is concrete?

Concrete is formed by a chemical reaction called hydration between water and cement. The cement is usually a compound called Portland cement. . In addition to water and cement, concrete usually has a mixture of other substances added for strength. The most basic concrete has aggregates made up of (MORE)

How do you lay concrete?

Thaks a lot it has shown me how the friends concrete dyo falls apart. I am now trying to be a dyo. Whats the secret time to to final finish with the float( wooden /steel. whats the rule of thumb to take out the edging. thanks Dave

How do you stain concrete?

There are two general methods to staining concrete: Acid stain orwater-based stain. Acid stains chemically react with the concrete andprovide various earth tone colors. Once the stain is applied,cleaned and pH neutralized, a sealer is required to protect thestain. I've found Gayegoodman.com as a g (MORE)

How do you clean concrete?

Concrete Ways of Cleaning Concrete Our users share their tips: . For removal of moss, fungal or moss growths, a product called Bio-Shield works very well as an outdoor cleaner (as well as being the most cost-effective at 85 US cents per liter.) I have been using it commercially for 26 years (MORE)

What are details?

Common Noun The plural details means the specifics \nor finer points of a concept, construct, or composition. The word can \nalso apply to a group of military personnel assigned to a certain task. \nIt can also mean paid private security jobs for which police or public \nlaw enforcement may be h (MORE)

Alternative concrete to dense concrete?

Answer . It is called "Foam-crete" or "light weight concrete" either the aggregates used are light weight in themselves or additives are present, that form air spaces (bubbles) with-in the concrete itself, thus reducing the concretes mass. It must be understood that the integrity or strength of t (MORE)

What is a concretion?

A concretion is a volume of sedimentary rock in which a mineral cement fills the porosity (i.e. the spaces between the sediment grains).

What is the definition of Concrete Detail in the subject writing?

Concrete detail in subject writing simply means avoidinggeneralities so that a reader can better visualize or understandyour meaning. This is term is better understood with an example.Rather than saying, "The man was asleep when I arrived at thehotel" one could add definitive detail to your descript (MORE)

What is creep in concrete?

Creep is what happens when concrete changes form because ofpressure or load on the concrete. It can occur immediately or longterm.

Can you bond concrete to concrete?

Yes, provided you use a bonding agent. Unfortunately, the term B onding Agent is used very loosely ! In actuality a "Bonding Agent" winds up being a material placed on the existing concrete [Substrate] in the hope that the mix water in the to be placed material will not be absorbed into the host, (MORE)

What is the price of concrete?

ANSWER \n. \nThere is no specific answer unless you narrow the search.\n. \nCall a supplier who can provide the concrete for the project. Quantity, location, delivery process all matter. Concrete is generally made close to the project so the price in one market will not be useful benchmark in an (MORE)

What are concrete poems?

concrete poems r poems used to describe somthing like an apple or cherry or some fun shape like that and it has to be in that shape

What are concrete details in an essay?

A concrete detail is like facts,quotes,examples, etc. from the text. CD (also known as concrete details) can't be argued with-a CD is evidence that support your point!

What is detailed?

"Detailed" has many meanings. In the military it means assigned to certain duties. It can also mean characterized by abundant use of detail or thoroughness of treatment, or having many small areas of exactitude.

How do you repair concrete?

First, clean and dry the area. Use either an epoxy or polyester repair kit which we make. It is an easy trowel on mix. . Contact us via our website - listed below under "related links"

What is concretion?

concretion is a volume of sedimentary rock in which a mineral cement fills the porosity (i.e. the spaces between the sediment grains). Concretions are often ovoid or spherical in shape, although irregular shapes also occur. The word 'concretion' is derived from the Latin con meaning 'together' and c (MORE)

What can you do with concrete?

With concrete and precast concrete you can build fences, walls, concrete sound walls, pre-cast concrete perimeter walls, masonry walls, masonry screen walls and more! If you are interested in having a concrete or precast fence, perimeter, sound wall, masonry wall or masonry screen wall, then go t (MORE)

How a concrete pump push concrete?

Pumps consist basically of pressure vessels and equipments for supplying compressed air. . Concrete is delivered in to the pressure vessel and the vessel sealed tightly. . Compressed air is then supplied to the top of the vessel which pushes the concrete out through a pipe connected at the botto (MORE)

How can you color concrete?

1. Best way is in the form a an integral concrete color. This is usually in the form of bags added at the concrete plant. Usually cheaper if the concrete supplier will allow you to buy the bags yourself and add them on-site. 2. Second choice is a stain. These are easier, can be put on after the conc (MORE)

Concrete is an example of what?

Concrete is a noun category for something physical; a concrete noun . The noun concrete is a material noun , a noun for something used to make other things. The noun concrete is a non - count ( mass ) noun for a substance; the plural form is used only for types of concrete. The noun c (MORE)

Can you pour concrete on old concrete?

not normally. it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. if you need a thin layer than you can pour a thin set layer which hardens and adheres better than concrete. if the added part is thicker you can drill holes in the old and put re bar in then pour on top to help tie the two together.

What can you do with your concrete floor?

Concrete floors are highly requested by people for industrialpurpose as well as for home. They are durable, low cost and itrequires very less maintanence. What I have done at my home isconcrete flooring. I maintain it properly. A polished concretefloor just looks stunning. I recently polished the co (MORE)

What to do during concreting?

During concreting first of all we have to take an adequate quantity of aggregate,sand,cement& water according to standard mix design.Then prepare a proper mix which is nothing but concrete

What is sulphur concrete?

Ordinary portland cement based concrete consists of a mixture of aggregates bound together with portland cement. In the presence of water a chemical reaction takes place and the portland cement is hydolysed. At the end of this chemical reaction the cement becomes hard and binds the aggregate particl (MORE)

Who places concrete bolts in concrete?

I assume you are talking about anchor bolts for securing walls and or equipment. Most masonry or carpentry contractors can perform this job. It can also be done DIY, but requires a masonry drill bit and a hammer drill.

What is prostate concretion?

Corpora amylacea also known as prostatic concretions, which aresmall hyaline masses of unknown significance found in theneuroglia, prostate gland and pulmonary alveoli. They are derivedfrom degenerate cells and occur more frequently with advancing age.They can be used to identify these organs micros (MORE)

What is the workability of concrete?

The property of concrete which determines the amount of useful work (like- water content, mix proportion, size of aggregate used and use of admixtures) necessary to produce full compaction is called workability.

Where does a concrete detail go in an essay?

The correct detail should describe every part of you essay to the fullest. So each new subject should portrait the current understanding of that subject by the human race. Also if you plan on using complicated words and explaining them, don't forget to mention how the words came to be, what there ba (MORE)

How heavey is concrete?

The weight of concrete totally depends on the weight of the rock aggregate that is in it. In my area, the rock is hard basalt, which is a little heavier than some other rock. The weight per cubic foot is around 156 pounds.

Is concrete harmful?

Wet concrete is caustic- it will burn your skin. Concrete DUST is not good to inhale- it may contain silica. Solid, cured concrete is about as hazardous as a rock.

How do you pour concrete on old concrete?

What you need to do first is to check if you have that room near the threshold of the door for that extra concrete(which is minimum of 3.5" inches) then you need to remove the top surface of the old concrete to be rough surface don't break too much just about an 1"wash clean and let it dry and only (MORE)

What does sealing concrete do?

Concrete is usually alkaline and porous . Thus it may be attacked by acids - even mild ones such as milk! The porosity means that materials such as motor oil will be absorbed. Sealing the surface with an impermeable coating will help in avoiding these problems. This approach will work even (MORE)

What is a concrete pronoun?

Pronouns are not differentiated as concrete or abstract. Pronouns can take the place of a concrete noun or an abstract noun. For example:. concrete: You may borrow the book , I think you will like it .. abstract: The management likes my idea . It could be implemented soon..

Do not simply summarize Dewey's text rather help your reader see and undertand your ideas by explaining specific concrete details This paper should address Dewey's ideas and be written in the second?

There are a number of different ways to not simply summarize Dewey's text, but rather help your reader see and understand your ideas by explaining specific concrete details. The paper should address Dewey's ideas and be written in the second person. Before you start writing your paper review all the (MORE)

What is concrete house?

a concrete house is a house that is made out of water,cement,sand & sometimes small rocks

What is C25 concrete?

C25 concrete is a concrete having compressive strength of 25MPa when tested at the 28th day after casting. The specimen can be cube(150x150x150) or cylindrical(125mm by 250mm high). The cube strength has 0.8 times that of cylindrical specimen due to shape factor.

What is an example of using concrete details?

A concrete detail is a detailed detail, rather than a general one. For example, instead of saying "a car," a good writer will say, "a beat-up dirty red 1965 Ford Fairlane." This creates a vivid image in the reader's mind and increases interest in the story.

Is to a concrete noun?

Yes, the word concrete is a noun, a common, concrete, uncountable noun; a word for a rough building material made from a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement, and water; a word for a substance, a thing. The word concrete is also an adjective: a concrete patio