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A contortionist is an acrobatic performer who specializes in the skill of contortionism. Contortionism is the art of bending or twisting the body in unusual looking way. A contortionist is not only able to flex their spine in amazing ways. The word dislocate, involves contortionism. A contortionist is either categorized into a backbend or a front bend, depending on which way their spine bends more easily. Answer don't try anything that's out of your league or that you're inexperienced with. the contortionists may look amazing and flexible but it obviously needs a lot of practice. a dangerous fact about this is that *unknown source* contortionists' bodies often have internal bleeding because of the moves that they do. internal bleeding leads to higher chance of dying at an earlier age than the average person. if you're considering learning and picking up contortionism, please consult a person that is very experienced and make sure to run through the risks that are involved.
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How do you become as flexible as a contortionist?

The main thing is to keep practising everyday and NEVER GIVE UP. Work on your flexibility in the morning and afetr a shower or bath as your muscles are still warm.. To become

How do you become a contortionist?

\n. \n. \nBecoming a contortionist can be mastered by anyone. Contrary to popular belief, EVERYONE is born with the flexibility needed to be a contortionist, but as you get

What is the quickest way to become a contortionist?

Hi! I am 10 years old and I am wanting to bend my body like a contortionist's, and so I started practicing the same day that I'm writing this. . I started by touching my to

What are contortionists?

people who entertain others like circus wise by demonstrating extreme flexibility

How do contortionists get so flexible?

because they are either born double jointed or if u practice doing that little by little im sure u can do it just like the splits

Is contortionist Daniel Browning Smith gay?

"No. He is married and has a son." With all due respect, this is the most ridiculous answer to the question if someone is gay. I am gay, and I can run out, find a woman, ma