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creole style house is really acadian style. i doubt the creoles, who were mostly slaves, were building and designing houses. get real. Creole architecture is one of the special features which make Louisiana unique. The meaning of the word "Creole" has changed over time. Once it meant offspring of French aristocrats born in the New World. However, Louisianians have broadened the definition to include individuals of European descent, particularly descendants of the French and Spanish settlers. There are also Creoles of Color-Louisianians of mixed (mainly) French, African, Spanish, and Native American heritage. This combination of cultures is all the richer for the mix. Creole architecture reflects the concept of mixture which defines the Creoles themselves. Of America's six colonial building traditions, Creole architecture is the only one actually to have evolved in America. The Swedes, Dutch, Flemish, Spanish, and British all imported building types from the mother country instead of developing their own native colonial styles. Four types of Creole buildings emerged: the Creole cottage, a galleried one-story house lacking hallways and featuring a cabinet/loggia range in place of a rear gallery, the raised Creole plantation house, a two-story dwelling which represents the apex of Louisiana's Creole architecture, the Creole townhouse. These were built in more populated areas like Natchitoches and New Orleans, and the pigeonnier, a small tower-like outbuilding with upper-floor nesting boxes for birds. Many of these buildings were composed of a special material known as bousillage (a mixture of Spanish moss, mud and sometimes animal hair which was placed between wooden timbers to create the walls of Creole buildings).
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