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These are injuries to the skin caused by something sharp, like a knife.
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How deep of a self injury cut do you have to have to die?

You have to go deep enough to slit thru a vain but PLEASE dont try if you do you will probably regret it more then anything and if you dont die you will have an UGLY scar for

What are knee injuries?

The five most common knee problems are arthritis, tendonitis, bruises, cartilage tears, and damaged ligaments. Knee injuries can be caused by accidents, impact, sudden or awkw

What type of injury is a cut from broken glass likely to inflict?

  The sharp, knife-like edges of broken glass can cause deep, devestating lacerations, which in turn can result in rapid blood loss if major arteries are cut. Broken glass

What are the causes of injuries?

Mostly accident. Injury is damage or harm caused to the structure or function of the body caused by an outside agent or force, which may be physical or chemical. A severe and

What is Personal injury and advertising injury?

Personal and Advertising Injury Liability covers liability for a group of specifically named offenses, which don't involve bodily injury or property damage, aren't caused by a

Why does an injury swell?

Most people will have swelling at some time. When it is hot and you have stood or sat in the same position for a long time, you might notice swelling in your feet and ankles.
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What are cuttings?

Cuttings are parts of a plant or flower that can be cut and grown  separately. Most roses and garden plants are grown from cuttings  instead of seeds.

What is cutted?

  small trees are cut you can usually find them if there is a place you have to go but there is a fence with a tree in an opening use cut on the tree   to use cut teach

What are the injuries in Motocross?

Most motocross racers break these bones. Arms. Legs. Neck(rare) Collarbone. Hand. Wrist. Back(rare) Knee. Elbow. Injuries: Concussions. Bruises. Scratches. The normal. I am a