What is a cylinoid?

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"Cylinoid" is correctly spelled as "solenoid." A solenoid is a helix coil that is tightly wrapped. These are generally found in cars.
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Can you see a diagram of how the wires hook to the starter cylinoid on the firewall of a 95 b-2300?

Assuming you are talking about a 1995 Mazda B2300, a red wire from the battery goes to the solenoid on the starter, then a red wire goes from the solenoid to the starter relay

How do you replace a cylinoid?

Answer . Depends on what it is used on, most starter solnoids, on lawn mowers are mounted on a part of the frame, close to the starter, its a small round thing, with 2 pos

How do you change a cylinoid in a 1992 ford ranger?

Depending On which solenoid if it is a starter solenoid there is one on the inner fender and one on the starter the one on the inner fender is changed by disconnecting the bat

Where is the cylinoid located on a sportser?

Depends on the year, but basicaly, there will be a large wire/cable comming off the starter, follow that as it goes DIRECTLY to the selinoid... on the selinoid, you will see a

What does cylinoid do?

The word, 'Solenoid' defines a shape, which turns out to be cylinder-shaped. Solenoid is an adjective . . . that means that it modifies a noun. The noun in this case is coil:
In Chevy S-10

How do know if your starter cylinoid needs a shim?

You shim the starter motor if there is inadequate clearance between the starter drive and the ring gear. You can check the clearance by prying the starter drive out to the ri