What is a dentist?

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A dentist is a professional person (similar to a doctor) who takes care of your teeth, gums and mouth. Among other things, a dentist also provides fillings when necessary and removes teeth when necessary.
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What is a dentist salary in India?

Poor pay drives dentists to BPOs . Shruthi Balakrishna, TNN Apr 2, 2009, 05.40am IST. BANGALORE: Dr Meena (name changed) is a BDS graduate. But unlike her classmates she de

What the dentists do?

They can perform all dental procedures to make your smile brighterand to keep you stay away from dental problems. Whether you arevisiting us for professional teeth whitening,

What is the dentist?

A dentist is a place where people go every 6 months. You sit in the dentist chair, they look at your teeth, they put this yellow stuff on your teeth to put vitamins in your te

What is a dentist job duties?

To make sure your teeth is clean and straight. They check your teeth now and again so that your keeping them clean

What is a dentist good for?

Generally, dentist takes good care of your teeth. A dentist is good for making sure your teeth are healthy and clean.