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A devotional is short one-page writing about a topic related to the Christian faith and life. They usually have a Bible verse or two on which they are based and are not, due to their brevity on 'heavy' theological topics but provide words of encouragement or challenging and inspiring thoughts. Many devotional writings also contain illustrations from everyday life and then relate that to Christian living.
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What is devotion?

pure love   Answer:   The knowledge that one would give up his life to protect or defend the other without question or hesitation. In other words...pure love.

What is slavish devotion?

      Unthinking and unquestioning attachment to a leader, person or ideology, like a slave.

What is devotion to your country?

Devotion to one's country is, in a word, called Patriotism.

What is a devotional prayer in which you reflect on the mysteries of Christ?

that would be the rosary...    Roman Catholic AnswerThe Rosary: one of the most important things that we must do as Christians is to pray, and beginning prayer is meditat

What is a devotional prayer in which you reflect on the mysteries of the Church?

I think you mean "mysteries of faith". If you do, then the devotional prayer in which you meditate on them is called the Rosary, divided into the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful,

What is men by devotion?

The man is dedicated, always concerned about others, not asking for anything, at all times of others.

Is devotion an adjective?

No, 'devotion' is a noun. Adjectives are words which describe nouns (people, places, things, and ideas) or other adjectives. Devotion does not serve that function, but rather,

What is sincere devotion?

Devotion is the act of being devoted. Being devoted is being committed to another person or to a cause. If you are sincere, you really mean what you say and appear to be. Ther