What is a distal pulse?

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A distal pulse is found at the far enr of the extremities. A proximalal pulse is found at the torso side of the extremities.
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What is pulse?

YOUR PULSE . Your pulse indicates how many times per minute your heart beats. It's your heart rate, and is one of your vital signs. You can feel your pulse on your wrist below your thumb and also on the side of your neck.. Answer . Pulse is the rhythmical throbbing of arteries and veins produ (MORE)

What are pulses?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nPulses are important food crops due to their high protein and essential amino acid content.\n. \nBEANS (pulses) \n. \nPigeonpea, redgram, \nGreen gram,\nFieldbean, \nSplit peas yellow, \nChick peas (or garbanzo beans), \nBlack gram beans, \nMung beans whole, Whole g (MORE)

What does a distal philange do?

I can only assume that you are asking about a phalange. perhaps your misspelling was the reason you couldn't locate the answer on your own. Distal phalanges : are at the tips of the fingers and toes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phalanx_bone

What does a pulse do?

A pulse is the constant recoiling walls of the aorta pumping blood all around your body via arteries. vicki x. Pulse is also the name for legumes such as kidney beans and brod beans

What is a pulse?

A pulse is a rhythm. It is usually associated with a beating orthrobbing sound, but can also be pulses of light. Biologically speaking, a pulse is the rhythmic throbbing of thearteries resulting from blood travelling through them.

Is the knee distal to the hip?

Yes. Distal means farther from the point of attachment or from the center of the body. So the knee is distal to the hip, and the food would be distal to the knee and so on.

Why do you have a pulse?

We have a pulse because every time the heart beats, it makes a pulse. So when you can't feel your pulse it means your heart has stopped beating.

Where is your pulse?

A pulse can be found where and artery passes over a bone, for example, in your wrist (also known as the radial pulse).

Meaning of distal?

In medical terms it would be furthest away from the centre/main part. i.e. the distal part of the finger would be the end of the finger.

What is a distal phalanx?

A distal phalanx is the finger bone or toe bone farthest toward the tip of the digit. They are numbered one to five and left to right to distinguish them.

How do you get a pulse?

hold two fingers against the lower part of the wrist and count how many beats there are in a minute.

How do you get your pulse?

anywhere there is a strong arterial pulse is where you find the pulse. carotid artery in neck (inside the vertical neck muscle) brachial pulse in babies in the upper arm between the muscles on the inside. wrist pulse (in the crook tween the middle tendons on the inside and the thumb side of the wris (MORE)

What is a distal ureteral?

at the far end (distal) of the ureter (the tube through which one pees) the ureter is the tube between the kidney and the bladder.....the urethra is the tube that removes urine from the body ( the tube you pee thru)

What is distal circulation?

Distal circulation refers to circulation that occurs at thefurthest point of the central core. This includes the arms andlegs.

Distal convoluted tubule what happens in there?

if you think about it, the role of the loop of henle is to essentially get as high a concentration of salts in the collecting duct as possible to get concentrated urine because it's trying to get as much water water as possible reabsorbed back into the body. now that we know this we can pretty much (MORE)

What is the distal ulna?

The distal ulna is the part of the smaller bone of the forearm that's farthest from the elbow. The ulna is the bone on the pinkie side of the forearm.

Who are Pulse?

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Why check distal pulses?

i have no idea as i am confuddled as well please ask another question ps no-one else can answer this question as i have already answerd

What is used of distal water?

Distilled water is the preferred liquid to refill automotive batteries that have been in service a while. While some batteries are sealed tops and cannot be serviced, there are still some batteries with accessible cells. Use distilled water in a proper battery service dispenser to avoid overfilling. (MORE)

How are the toes distal to the heel?

The toes are distal to the heel because they are farther away from the origin of the lower leg. To determine distal or proximal, trace the line of the limb from where it attaches to the body. A structure you reach first when tracing that line is proximal.

What are distal spots?

Distal spots are spots of color that appear inside a white marking on the lower leg (such as a sock or stocking). Distal spots are above the fetlock, as opposed to ermine spots, which are below the fetlock.

What is distal to phalanges?

The phalanges are the finger and toe bones. There is nothing in the upper limb distal to the phalanges except the very tips of the fingers.

What is distal clavicle?

The distal clavicle is the part of the collarbone farthest from the center of the body. It's a normal part of the anatomy.

Where Distal is?

Distal in anatomy means farther away from a point than anotherpoint. For example, your fingers are distal to your upper arm. Youalways have to compare two things.