What is a donkey show?

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A donkey show is when a girl performs sexual acts with a donkey.
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What is a donkey?

A donkey is a really intelligent animal but, is thought to be dumb and stupid because they look like it.. A donkey is the domesticated ass. A descendant from the African wild

Where do they have donkey shows?

Donkey shows are most commonly thought to be located in Tijuana,Mexico. It is probable that there are also donkey shows in otherparts of Mexico.

What happens at a donkey show?

a donkey show is the act of a woman performing beastiality with a donkey. Most of the time bar tenders in Mexico will say that so people will come buy drinks, rarely there wit

Is the donkey show real?

Yes, the donkey show is real. There are also different shows forother types of animals as well. They are usually free or low cost.

Can you show a donkey in 4-h?

Yes, donkeys can be shown in a 4-H show. There are different rulesand regulations for different regions so it is best to check withlocal 4-H groups.