What is a extender player?

It is installed by game software distributors as spyware to monitor and report user browsing, reading sent and received emails, and other documents for key words and computer use activities for business and marketing purposes. User must authorize the installation of the component and full and explicit authorization as well as surrender of liability is assumed when user uses the associated game or program. Visual indicators of the EXTEnder Player component can be removed by user, and subsequently will cloak and become invisible to any virus/spyware program in order to prevent annoying repeated alerts and warnings, however, component remains running in the background until removed by company representatives or with a fresh hard drive wipe and restore. Legal authorization to remove process can be obtained within 180 working days by contacting the company after completing the required notarized forms and after review by the removal panel, baring any company appeals. Many users, however, conclude that leaving the component on the computer and not tampering with the process or attempting to remove it is more convenient and desirable Many users come to appreciate the offers that come for relevant health related issues and family law as well as vacations and dating services, and work at home offers, among other many exciting opportunities
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What is extended warranty?

In regard to a motor vehicle. All vehicles come equipped with a standard factory warranty. However, these often are limited by time and mileage. An vehicle protection plan is (MORE)

What is Extended Kinship?

  an extended kinship is simply a family with two or more generations live in one household. (ex. grandparents,aunts.uncles.children,and parents)
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What is an extended paragraph?

"Extended" just means long or lengthy. An extended paragraph is just a long paragraph.    It is usually a more formal kind of paragraph than the ones you normally write - (MORE)

What is extended deterrence?

"A confrontation in which the policymakers of one state('defender') threaten the use of force against another state ('potential attacker') in an attempt toprevent that state f (MORE)

What are synonyms of extended?

A military person who has extended has simply moved the date of the end of their contract to a later date.   When a service member reenlists, they execute a whole new contr (MORE)

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10 Types of Poker Players

A donkey is a commonly used term in the poker world for players that just plain suck at poker. This is the type of player you want to face. Skilled poker players make big buck (MORE)

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A DVD-audio player is an important part of a premium home theater system. DVD-audio, or DVD-A, is a high-capacity medium for the storage and playback of audio files. Audiophil (MORE)

What are USB extenders?

USB Extenders are devices that allows to transmit the new USB 2.0 protocol via inexpensive Cat5 or Cat6 UTP cabling.Its the simplest means of extending signal to a remote devi (MORE)
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What is extender strategy?

The extender strategy is when a firm expands into foreign markets  that are similar to their current market. They use strategies that  are currently successful to expand the (MORE)
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What is the prefix of extend?

I had to check a few sources on this one, but the prefix is "ex-." Tend means, "Regularly or frequently behave in a particular way or have a certain characteristic.The prefix (MORE)