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What is a faster a Harley or a gsxr1000?

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A GSXR 1000 are quick they can reach up to almost 300km. Harelys can be quick it depends on what CC is the bike. But if I had to choose one it would have to be the GSXR because it is relativily lighter then the harley. Get the GSXR! The only way a Harley would ever beat any gsxr whether the 600, 750, 1000 or the 1340 Hyabusa would be to drop it from a plane. Which is the only use I have for a Harley other than a boat anchor!
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What is the difference between a Harley flstn and a Harley flstni?

When Softails were made both carbureted and fuel injected, the "I" at the end designated EFI. When all Harleys became fuel injected the "I" was dropped, since there was no lon

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What is the differences between a Harley fatboy and a Harley road king?

The similarities would be a shorter list. A Fatboy is a Softail and a Road King is a Touring bike. The frame is completely different. If you are talking about 99-newer then

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How do you get a replacement key for a Harley?

Take your title to a Harley dealer. They can cut you a key or get  you a key code that a locksmith can use to make you your key. You  could also remove the ignition lock or

What is the on position of the petcock on a harley?

The LONG end of the petcock valve is the indicator of the positioning of the valve. 6'oclock is MAIN 3'oclock is OFF 12'oclock is RESERVE

Why is it called Harley soft tail?

  To distinguish it from a 'rigid'. It was the first Harley model to employ a rear, independently suspended, swing arm for a softer ride. Most modern motorcycles are soft

Harley twin cam no spark?

  The main parts to the ignition electrics are , engine harness, ignition module, coil. Some problems with twincam spark loss can be traced to crank position sensor faul
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