What is a fling relationship?

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A fling relationship is something that isn't really serious . It could be a weekend fling , or a summer fling . Which means it's only temporary .
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How do you manage a fling?

A fling is just a causal relationship between two people basednon-commitment. Early on, establish clear rules so no one gets hurtemotionally later. That means knowing when to

How do you leave a fling?

Ignore them!!! I mean, just cut them off!!! Most people will say that when they are ignored, they will just go away. Most people are not 'psycho' and will just move on the the

What does it mean to have flings with?

A fling is like when you date a person but its not like a serious realationship. Llike if you just date a guy but you dont see it going any where but dating. Another way it co

Why do men risk a good relationship for a fling?

There's no one aswer to this question. It could be something as basic as wanting to be with someone new and different, even if only for a short while. Or if could be he's no

What does it mean if you dream you are pregnant with a flings child and they are still carry on a relationship with someone else?

IF the dreamer is a sexually active female of childbearing age, a pregnancy test might be a wise idea. Dreams are intimately effected by bodily hormonal changes, but where pre