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In medicine/the medical field, a fracture is a broken bone.

In psychology, it means something broken, such as "fractured family relationships".
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Literally means "break".

In geology it can be a tension-crack by dessication or tectonic forces in a sediment or precipitation-formation; or a cooling-contraction crack in igneous rock (think Giant's Causeway).

It can also be a Fault - a major cross-formation break with accompanying displacement of one side against the other, caused tectonically by crustal deformation.
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What is a fracture bed?

A bed in a hospital ward dealing with fracture patients.

What is a buckle fracture?

A buckle fracture is a fracture in which there is incomplete loss of integrity of the bony cortex, frequently caused by a compressive force.. These are also called a Torus fr

What is metacarpal fractured?

The fracture in the bones extending from wrist to fingers is called metacarpal fracture.

What is fracture?

Mineralogically speaking, fracture means the characteristicappearance of the surface of a freshly broken mineral or rock. Itcan also mean the manner in which a mineral or

What is a fracture and a fault within a rock layer?

A fault is a fracture specific to tectonic processes: the rock is stretched or compressed to breaking-point, and the fracture will be accompanied by displacement of one side r
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What is a bowing fracture?

A bowing fracture is a fracture that only happens in children where the bone bends but does not break.