What is a function of a rectifier?

The Rectifier is an electronic device, which converts an AC waveform(Usually a Bi-directional waveform with Zero Average value) to a Pulsating DC waveform (Uni-directional waveform with Nonzero Average value). As AC wave (Sinusoidal) has two half cycles, namely - Positive Half cycle & Negative Half cycle If a Rectifier does it's operation only in one half of the cycles, it is known as Half Wave Rectifier. Similarly, If a Rectifier does it's operation in both the half cycles, it is known as Full Wave Rectifier.
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What is a synchronous rectifier?

a circuit that emulates a diode,allowing current to pass in one direction but not the other without the losses associated with the junction
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Need of rectifier?

rectifier is important device in electronics or in process of converting alternating quantities into direct quantitydue to which we can easily convert AC INTO DC..............
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How does a rectifier work?

In a simple half-wave rectifier, during the positive part of the alternating wave the diode conducts, making the load voltage equal to the supply voltage. During the negative (MORE)
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What are rectifying entries?

to indemnify the errors held by accountants in main books of accounts is known as rectification of errors
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Types of rectifier?

There are basically two types of rectifiers one is the half wave rectifier and the other is the full wave rectifies. The full wave rectifier is further classified into two typ (MORE)

What does a rectifier bridge do?

Imagine a rectifier as a valve that only allows electrical current to flow in one direction. When using a single rectifier you end up with half of the wave cycle being cut off (MORE)

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