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The Rectifier is an electronic device, which converts an AC waveform(Usually a Bi-directional waveform with Zero Average value) to a Pulsating DC waveform (Uni-directional waveform with Nonzero Average value). As AC wave (Sinusoidal) has two half cycles, namely - Positive Half cycle & Negative Half cycle If a Rectifier does it's operation only in one half of the cycles, it is known as Half Wave Rectifier. Similarly, If a Rectifier does it's operation in both the half cycles, it is known as Full Wave Rectifier.
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Need of rectifier?

rectifier is important device in electronics or in process of converting alternating quantities into direct quantitydue to which we can easily convert AC INTO DC..............

What is function of rectifier?

usually to convert AC to DC.

Where can be rectifiers be used?

One place is in telecommunication racks, where AC power needs to be converted to DC to power the telecommunication equipment. And their are plenty of other applications as wel

Types of rectifier?

There are basically two types of rectifiers one is the half wave rectifier and the other is the full wave rectifies. The full wave rectifier is further classified into two typ

What is rectified turpentine?

previous answer: "i think its like from a mineral but like more refined than normal minertal turps. what do you rekon" There are several types of turpentine. Rectified turpent

What does a rectifier on motorcycle do?

The rectifier "rectifies", or converts, AC current coming from the AC dynamo (alternator) into DC current that the battery and and electrical accessories can use.

What is the function of capacitor in full-wave rectifier?

is a device that smoothen your half-wave rectification into a full-wave rectification after using a 4 diode and 1 resistor , after adding a capacitor , there will be a almost

What is the function of a capacitor and resistor in a bridge rectifier circuit?

The capacitor follows the rectifier to smooth the DC output. It has  a safety resistor in parallel to discharge it safely when it is  turned off. The resistor value can be c