What is a funnel and how is it used in a laboratory?

A funnel is used to transfer liquids from one container to another without spilling.
ALSO There are many kinds of funnels, transferring liquids is only one use. Funnels also provide support for several kinds of filtering procedures. There are hundreds of different kinds of filter paper in different materials and sizes of pores that let different sizes of particles through, different sizes of circles of material that are put into flat bottomed funnels, folded into triangular shaped funnels, and inserted into vacuum setups.

There is a kind of funnel with a wide stem, instead of the narrow stem for liquid transfer. These are called powder funnels, and are used, logically enough, to transfer powders into narrow necked vessels such as flasks or bottles of various types after being weighed out on a scale to make up a solution. Used for filtration or the delivery of liquids.
A funnel allows you to pour from one container into another container with a narrower opening without spilling over the edges.
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What is the use of a funnel?

A funnel allows you to pour from one container into another container with a narrower opening without spilling over the edges. Sometimes use to separate mixtures if quipped wi (MORE)

What is the use of the funnel?

it is used to channel liquid or fine grained substances into  containers with small opening
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Uses of funnel?

It is used to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening. Without a funnel, spillage would occur.
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Uses of funnels?

Funnels are used for filtering - separation of solids from liquids.Funnels are used to aid in the transfer of liquid from a wide to a narrow necked vessel.
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Use of funnel?

- transfer of liquids, powder, granules - a funnel with a filter is used to separe the solid phse from a liquid
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What is a funnel used for?

the funnel is used to target liguids into any container so they will not be lost or spilled.
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What is the use of funnel?

A conical utensil having a small hole or narrow tube at the apex and used to channel the flow of a substance, as into a small-mouthed container.
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What is an funnel and how is it used?

fun·nel [fúnn'l]noun (plural fun·nels)1.utensil used in pouring liquids: a cone-shaped utensil with a large opening at the top and a small opening or tube at the bottom. Us (MORE)