What is a fused sentence?

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A fused sentence contains two or more independent sentences joined together without a connecting word or punctuation mark. He wanted to eat he had no money. This error in grammar could be corrected by adding the word but or a semicolon between the words eat and he.
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What is the difference between a comma splice and a fused sentence?

A comma splice and a fused sentence are essentially the same thing: they are both incorrectly punctuating two independent clauses if not two sentences. An example of a comm

How you use fuse in a sentence?

Rupert has an anger management problem, if the slightest thing goes wrong he can quite easily blow a fuse. All the lights went out and the TV switched off, we knew what to do

How do you use the word fuse in a sentence?

All the lights went out and the TV switched off, we knew what to do, if only we had a replacement fuse.. We lit the fuse and took cover, it was less then ten seconds before t

How do you correct a fused sentence?

To correct a fused sentence, one uses a method of either separating or joining the independent clauses. You can join them by using a conjunction, such as 'and', 'or' or 'but',

What is fuse sentence?

A sentence in which two or more independent clauses are not properly joined by a semicolon or conjunction. Also called run-on sentence .

What is fused sentence or comma splices?

a comma splice is basically a sentence where punctuation marks are not placed correctly and are just placed everywhere. Incorrect. A comma splice is an incorrectly used comm

What is a run-on or fused sentence or comma splice?

These are all sentences made up of independent clauses that are not joined by a coordinating conjunction or correct punctuation. A comma splice is a sentence with two indepen