What is a g sensor in a computer tablet?

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It is a sensor that tells when you are moving the device. e.g. when playing a car game it helps you to steer.
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What is a tablet computer?

A tablet computer, also known as a Tablet PC, is a laptop that is equipped with a screen that reacts to touch in some way. Almost all Tablet PCs can be controlled using a stylus type pen and some Tablets react to touch from any object, including a finger. Most commonly used in business settings, Tab (MORE)

Why tablet computer is called tablet computer?

A tablet computer is called such since it is like a "tablet", that is a flat stone used for writing on. Remember Moses receiving the 10 Commandments from God, carved on two stone tablets !

What are tablet computers used for?

To provide a form like GUI so the learning curve for non-IT people in using it is not too steep. Doctors for instance, who are familiar with blood test checklist can immediately use the application presented as touchscreen on tablets...

What are opinions on the best tablet computers?

This question is subjective and really depends on what you like, brands that you prefer and what you intend to use the tablet for. You should do ample research before buying a tablet and visit a few stores to give some of those you like a test drive. Additionally, here are some opinions on the be (MORE)

What is the cheapest tablet computer?

I recommend the Nexus tablet to you with a 199 dollar price tag. it has a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor and 1GB of ram and ice cream sandwich OS but there are many tablets in the market such as this $60 tablet. .

How do you download pictures from a computer to a tablet?

usually, your tablet will have a custom port on the side in which a plug will fit ( the actual plug should come with the product). After you plug it in, there should be a USB plug on the other end of the cord, which is inserted into the computer. the computer will detect the USB, and ask if you want (MORE)

What color is the tablet computer?

I usually see tablet computers in black and grey, even silver. But u can get custom skins and rubber protecters for most any tablet pc.

Does hp currently offer a tablet computer?

Yes, HP currently sells a tablet computer called the HP TouchPadand it can be found on their website . Visual Artistics: Top notch website design company based inSingapore.

Is a better a netbook computer or a tablet?

Netbooks are designed for the basic computing and for surfing the internet. Light weight and small size makes it easy to carry. The tablets are touch-screens and are designed for surfing the internet. Most of the netbooks are based on windows, whereas tablets usually run on Android OS. Netbooks (MORE)

How do you put music from your computer to your tablet?

First you must go to universty and then medical school wasting ten years of your life learning how to save people's lives. Once you have done this perscribe your computer some anti-biotics. Collect the waste tha it generates and send it to a tablet factory. They will tableterise it and it is recomme (MORE)

Are there any Android tablets with flash player access to the Android Market a g sensor and a capacitive touch screen for under 300?

Well in the ten inch market there are quite a few china models notably the zenithink c91 but be careful there are LOTS of fakes. But if you spend a little more money you can get the Viewsonic g tablet $270 drop shipped at Amazon. In the 7 inch market there is of course the kindle fire (but beware it (MORE)

What is a gingerbread for computers laptops tablets?

Gingerbread is another name for Android-based systems running Android Version 2.3 or later. Version 2.3 is called gingerbread. Android is the operating system running certain smartphones and tablets. It currently is not used on desktop or laptop computers.

What is the cheapest brand of tablet computers?

Online the M009 Android tablet PC goes for around one hundred dollars, whereas an Ipad may go for over three hundred dollars and up. The cheapest on Ebay though may be the Android UMPC Computer netbook, at sixty-six dollars.

Where can one purchase a tablet computer online?

Dell and Apple offer tablet computers for purchase online. Wal Mart and Best Buy also offer tablet computers for purchase online. Amazon and eBay also have tablet computers listed for sale.

What is a tablet computer and how is it different from another computer?

There are a few key differences between a tablet computer and a PC. One of the main differences is that a tablet computer, also known as a "slate PC" is a mobile computing device that comes with a touchscreen instead of a physical keyboard. Due to the absence of the keyboard, the tablet computer is (MORE)

Do tablet computers help kids learn?

Actually, this has not yet been proved. Of course, Apple and other manufacturers of Tablet computers want to sell them, so their marketing department asserts that these devices can be a good learning tool for kids. And some studies seem to suggest that kids benefit from having them. The problem is t (MORE)

What is gravity sensor in tablet?

gravity sensor is the ability to play games without using your fingers and u can also move it side to side and it fit to the screen

How do you transfer pictures from tablet to computer?

To transfer pictures from a tablet to a computer one would need a USB cord, with the correct sized port for the tablet and the correct size port for the computer. Usually one would connect the tablet to the computer via USB cable, and then open the desired folder for the tablet items and open the de (MORE)

Can a bamboo tablet work without a computer?

I'm not sure so don't get angry if I'm wrong I'll check when I get it but I suspect it does I have been told by a good friend it does so that's all I know I'll give you more when I get one

Can you use tablet computers to make a tally?

There are many tablets, and there should be many applications available to make a tally. For example, on the iPad, Numbers, Pages and Keynote are all available. Check the tablets web store for a word or number processing application.

How do you charge your tablet on the computer?

If your tablet supports it, you should be able to just connect the USB cable that your tablet came with to the computer and the tablet should begin charging. The computer will have to be powered on for it to work.

How do you transfer photos from tablet to computer?

well to transfer a photo to a cpu video from a tablet is important but right now what is important are things with less amenities like the neglect of the wild inviernment such as all wild life including especially predators which have been forced to live in survival for a long time with the capabili (MORE)

What is the best tablet computer in the market?

The best tablet computer in the market is the HP EliteBook 2760p. This tablet computer marks a little high going for $1,699.00. It would be much simpler to use a new Apple iPad tablet since the new upgraded processors came out.

What is a good PC tablet computer?

A good pc tablet computer is the Asus R1F. This pc tablet generally bodes well on weight, screen size, and performance. This pc tablet also has swappable optical drives.

What is the best tablet PC computer?

The most popular tablets currently include Ipads, Samsung Galaxy and Nexus but to determine the best one would depend on usage requirements. Good reviews can be found in pc magazines and online sites such as pc advisor and cnet.

What is the difference between a computer tablets and laptops?

A computer is essentially something with a separate screen, keyboard, mouse and processing unit, whereas a laptop has them all built in to one box to put on your lap. A tablet however, is essentially a touch screen - doing away with the need for a mouse or a keyboard - they're all built in to the t (MORE)

Is a tablet and smartphone a handheld computer?

Tablets and smartphones can both be considered as handheld computers, as they offer the functionality to perform the tasks that one would expect from a handheld computer. Furthermore, users are able to install software on them to perform computing tasks as required.

What is the price range for a computer tablet?

Between 200-1000 dollars, depending entirely on the operating system, and system specifications. The lower quality the product, or the less known the brand, the cheaper the tablet will be.

What are the benefits of tablet computers?

Tablet computers are generally lighter and more portable than laptops or desktop computers. You can download 'apps' to them so they are also highly customisable. Most have very long battery lives so you don't need to charge them that often.

What features do newer tablets computers have?

Newer tablet computers have special processors that allows the tablet to run faster. Along with running faster, newer tablets have special webcam technologies that allow consumers to chat via webcam or "FaceTalk". Newer tablets may also be able to store more information based on the greater storage (MORE)

Where can one buy an Apple Tablet Computer?

The places to purchase an Apple tablet are many and varied. The best place to start would be the company's official website or in their many dedicated stores. Other places include Amazon and eBay.

Who are some manufacturers of tablet PC computers?

A tablet PC is a portable computing device that has the screen of the computer attached to the keyboard. It looks similar to a laptop without the screen. Samsung and Apple are both manufacturers of tablet PCs.

How do you open a web browswer on a tablet computer?

The name of the browser may differ between tablets, howevertouching the icon should open the web browser. For example, look for icons for popular Web Browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. You may optionally install alternative web browsers.

How do you sync an Android tablet and computer?

You first need to connect the tablet to a computer using a usbcable. Then, you need to enter "settings" on your tablet and lookfor a sync option. It will usually read "sync now" or somethingsimilar. The tablet will then sync to your computer.

How to get my tablet to do everything my computer will do?

Unless you have a tablet that is running a full operating system,it isn't capable of doing everything that your computer can do. Youcan try downloading apps that are similar to those you use on yourcomputer but it can never be the same.

Is an electronic tablet a computer system?

Yes tablet is a mobile computer with a touchscreen display,circuitry, and battery in a single device. Tablets come equippedwith sensors, including cameras, a microphone, and anaccelerometer, and the touchscreen display uses the recognition offinger or stylus gestures replacing the usage of the mouse (MORE)

Do you have a computer or a tablet with the whole Bible on it?

It is easy to buy Bible study software with multiple translations,exegetical concordances, bible dictionaries, the originallanguages, commentaries, etc. all in one package. Note: this is not just "the whole bible" but severalversions of the bible, usually hypertext crosslinked so you caneasily swi (MORE)

How do you connect tablet to computer?

By this I specifically mean not only how to connect it to thecomputer itself obviously, but also if there is a way to recordwhat happens on my tablet screen like making Let's Play videos. Ifnot record on the tablet itself, what about having what's on thetablet screen show on the computer screen. can (MORE)