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An archaic spelling of 'guard'
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What is face garding in lacrosse?

"Face guarding" is a defensive strategy often used by upper-level lacrosse teams that scout their opposition. The general concept is to identify the opposing team's best playe

Are Maltese good gard dogs?

Maltese will normally bark when someone is at the door (or when they think someone is near the door), but are usually friendly when the door is opened. However, until they kno

What does prenez garde mean?

Take Guard (French term, often used in family crests) Prenez guarde or faites gaffe means watch out or be careful, mostly as a warning. The expression comes from the old Fra

Is heart gard necessary for dogs?

  Heartguard itself isn't necessary for dogs,but some form of heartworm prevention should be given monthly whether it is heartguard or a different brand. Heartworm disease

What is a garde manger?

  a garde manger is a chef responsible for cold food preparation like salads, and salad dressing, cold appetizers and similar dishes

What is a 2.86 GPA garde wise?

  Depending on the grading system, a 2.86 GPA is a high "C" or a low "B".
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What is the meaning garde l eau?

"Garde Loo" is a term often heard in Old Edinburgh before the days of indoor plumming. Based on the French "Garde L'eau" (Watch out for the water), it served as a warning to t

What is avant garde?

Avant-garde is a French word meaning "vanguard" or "fore-guard"in military language. In science, it means "top of the art", and inart, indicates a style which seeks innovation