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It is important to realize that a good apology gift is not something that will simply "buy" a person's forgiveness (since this rarely works) but something that will convey the sincerity of the apology more than words alone and get the other person to consider opening up communication if they aren't speaking to you. Flowers are cliche and jewelry could be offensive. The best way to do this is to put a sincere apology in some form of writing that will get the person's attention and show them the extra effort you were willing to put in to do so. This is much more effective than simply apologizing with words (especially if you have already done so before in the past), and is sure to open up lines of communication if the person isn't speaking with you.
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If apologizing to your partner is a sign of a good relationship is your spouse being abusive if you ask her for an apology and her response is derogatory?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nNo, not abusive. Also not cooperative.\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou lost the battle before you started. It depends on what she said. If you feel

How do you apologize?

The first step to apologizing to someone is to acknowlege that you were wrong. Then all you have to do is look in that person face and say, " I'm sorry for things i said that

How can i apologize?

You start off by admitting what you did wrong then say I know I made a huge mistake and I have changed. Will you forgive me?

What are good apology songs?

Answer . "Sorry" by Buckcherry . 'I'm Sorry' by Brenda Lee. 'So Wrong' by Patsy Cline. 'All Apologies' by Nirvana. 'Sorry Somehow' by Husker Du. 'I Was Wrong' by Charline Art

What is a Good apology to wife?

I'm sorry dear, I was wrong to (fill in the blank) and I won't do that (say that, act that way) again. Please forgive me.. (And don't have a smirk on your face when you say i

How do apologize?

As long as you mean it, "Im sorry" sould be enough. As long as they care they should forgive you

What is apologize?

What is apologize mean?. Apologize mean, when you do something wromg you need to sorry. to the people that you done something wrong and that is call apologize.

Is apologizing good?

Apologizing is a wonderful thing to do. It not only improves the situation that you are in, but it likewise relieves the stress that has been put on both the apologizer and th

How do you answer an apology?

Graciously, one would hope. 'Thank you, I accept your apology' would do very well.

What is a good gift verses a bad gift?

A good gift is a gift that someone loves. If you give a gift to someone and he/she appreciates it, then it is a good gift. Good gifts are also gifts that give meaning in a nic

What is a good gift for Valentine's Day to apologize?

If you've done something to hurt someone you love for which you need to apologize, the best gift would be a sincere, heartfelt apology. It can be in a card which has a pre-pri