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I went to a resturant who served food at anytime so i orded french toast during the renasiance
why was it called the dark ages? Becuase there were so many knights
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A good joke?

what 4 leter sport starts with a T ---- golf three workmen had been working on a building for a while and every lunch brake they went and sat out on beam, the red head sai

What is a good joke?

A good joke is a joke that more people like it then don't, a bad joke is the other way around, if you need some jokes try this sight, it even has a voting section that tells y

What is a good knock knock joke?

This is a decent one- Knock Knock Who's there? Interrupting Cow Inter..... MOO! The ever popular joke of Jeff dunham- Knock knock?..... Who's there?...... It's me, I love

Where can you get good jokes?

On MyYearbook, there are tabs at the top. There is a tab that is mostly Misc. and in it are some jokes. I don't know if it's still there, but I think it is.

What are good birthday jokes?

SOME folks are sensitive about their age, so be careful... Besides, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! -Get it? I like to tell people (especially those I've never met) that they don't LOOK a

Is there any good black jokes?

there's a fat black guy and a skinny black guy who hits the ground first neither the rope stops them. NEVER MAKE FUN OF AFRICAN AMERICANS!!!! I AM NOT ONE BUT WHO CARES THEY

Does anyone have a good joke?

Ya. How about your momma is so old, her birth certificate says "Expired"...lol What kind of jokes besides this one.
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What is a good joke to tell a friend?

Here are a few jokes that may amuse your friends... 1. Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9! (as in, 7 ate nine. It sounds the same, and your friend should get the joke stra
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Where do you get good jokes from?

the average human normally gets jokes from a life memory. for example, i once saw a dead rat on the road so i could write a joke about it. like what did the old man want for h
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What are some good jokes and nasty jokes?

My wife can't wrestle but you should see her box! My wife can't make a lemon manage BUT she sure can make a banana cream!
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Who have a good joke?

Here's one. What is Al`Quaeda's favorite football team? The New york jets