What is a good lamp wick substitute?

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Cotton string
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Is toothpick good as a wick of a candle?

Ineffective wick No, a toothpick is not effective as a candle wick. According to an experiment that I have performed in my honors chemistry class, the toothpick doesn't burn

What is a good substitute for a zippo wick?

I had to get a new wick also and all the gas stations near my house didnt have any sooooo i made my own. 1st get cotton ball and try to unroll it (you wont use the the whole

Is 'Wicked' a good musical?

Wicked is a fantastic musical. If you ever get the chance to go see it, you should. It has a bit of action, a little drama, some romance, and TONS of humor and laughs. But mos

Is 'Wicked' a good play?

Yes , 'Wicked' is a good play. It's a good play in terms of acting, action, costumes, dances, dialogue, sets, and songs. It's also a good play in terms of attracting enthusias

Why is the flame of kerosene lamp yellow but that of wick stove is blue?

Generally, the more oxygen supplied to a flame, the hotter and bluer the flame is. Wick stoves need to be hot, so they are designed to allow lots of oxygen to get to the flam

Is the song for good from wicked?

Yes it is. It is Elphaba and Glinda singing about how they have been changed because they knew each other. Its such a sweet song!
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What is substitute good?

A substitute good is one that can be used in place of another good.