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James Peter
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What was James Garfield's middle name?

James Garfield's middle name is Abram; James Abram Garfield is his full name.

What is James Buchanan's middle name?

James Buchanan was his full name-- he was not given a middle name,

What was James Madison's middle name?

James Madison doesn't have a middle name. He was known as James Madison Jr. while his father was alive.

What is James Potter's middle name?

There are two James Potter's, one is Harry's father and one is his  son.    James Potter, Harry's father's, middle name is unknown if he had  one.   Harry's son i

What is James Bond's middle name?

There is no reliable evidence, or more importantly Ian Fleming never suggests, that James Bond has a middle name.

What is the middle name of James Monroe?

President James Monroe had no middle name. But a lot of people liked to call him Jammin' Monroe. yes he didd but i dont kno it

What was James Cook's middle name?

Records have not shown that James Cook had any middle name.